MEG1-HY Megaphone

£69,99 (incl. VAT)
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Product number: 10001580
MEG1-HY Megaphone
£69,99 (incl. VAT)
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Top features

  • 18W RMS power (equivalent to 25W max and80W peak power up to 100 dB.) - for up to 1,000 meters (an average of 600 yards)

  • Battery compartment is protected by sealing against the weather

  • Loud siren function

Product description

Professional, lightweight megaphone with a range up to 1000m. Weather-proof design with detachable microphone and siren.

The Auna megaphone can greatly assist in effective coordination of large crowds of people - such as sport events, traveling, or at demos.

The key benefits:

Light weight, ergonomic design, and a strap to allow for fatigue-free use of the device, even over long periods of time.

Thanks to its powerful performance, you can have a radius of up to 1000 meters in your control!

The battery compartment of the unit is sealed and perfectly protected from the weather.


  • Robust ABS housing with rubber bumper edge
  • Removable anti-Larsen condenser microphone for optimal audibility
  • Volume control on the microphone
  • Easy handling
  • Batteries: 12V (8 x 1.5V C-cell, UM2)
Product number: 10001580

Dimensions and Technical Details

  • 35 x 23 x 30cm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg without batteries

What will be delivered?

  • 1 x Megaphone
  • 1 x Shoulder Strap
  • 1 x Removable Microphone (Hand Mic) - tightly integrated
  • 1 x Microphone elastic spiral cable - stretchable up to 1.5 meters - tightly integrated

Delivery & shipment

Ready for delivery

Shipping time: 3 - 5 days

Customer reviews
4 Ratings

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fuer kleinere und mittlere Veranstaltungen super geeignet sehr gute Durchsetzung der Sprache......Sirene nach Wunsch ein und abschaltbar fuer diesen Preis unschlagbar!!! weiter so !!! Und absolut weiterzuempfehlen mit freundlichen Gewissen Wolfgang aus Labels

Super suitable for small and medium-sized events Very good implementation of the language ...... Siren on request and off unbeatable for this price !!! keep it up !!! And absolutely to be recommended with a friendly conscience Wolfgang from Labels


Lautstärke regelbar, wetterfest, geringes Gewicht, einfach super

Volume adjustable, weatherproof, low weight, just great


Habe mir das Megafon für Hochzeiten gekauft. Bin Hochzeitsfotograf und muss die Leute für das Gruppenbild immer zusammentrommeln. Mit dem Ding klappt das super, es liegt gut in der Hand und besteht aus einem robustem Material. Das "Ole ole ole" hätte ich nicht gebraucht, bringt aber ab und zu mal einen schmunzler. Alles in allem ein cooles Teil. Funktioniert. Nicht Mega laut aber ausreichend.

I bought the megaphone for weddings. I'm a wedding photographer and always have to get people together for the group picture. It works great with this thing, it lies well in the hand and is made of a robust material. I wouldn't have needed the "Ole ole ole", but it brings a smile every now and then. All in all a cool piece. Functions. Not mega loud but sufficient.


NICHT schlecht! Das Megaphone hat ne deutliche Wiedergabe. Auch kann man wirklich verdammt laut verstärken, man sollte es nur nicht aufs Maximum stellen, da es sonst ein bisschen verzerrt wiedergibt. Wenn man will das Andere einem zuhören ist das Auna Megaphone genau richtig!

Not bad! The megaphone has a clear reproduction. You can also amplify it really damn loud, just don't turn it to the maximum or it will sound a bit distorted. If you want others to listen to you, the Auna Megaphone is the right choice!