Bluetooth Speakers


Music anywhere and anytime - with an auna Bluetooth speaker

Whether it's an Intelligence Tube, Tower Speaker or a little one you can plug in: a Bluetooth speaker by auna is the ideal companion for every location and every occasion.

Portable speaker: full sound without a cable

Those who like to enjoy their music on the go and don't have access to power won't get far with a traditional speaker. Bluetooth speakers are the perfect solution, because sound and mobility are no longer mutually exclusive. Portable loudspeakers by auna mean you can listen to music directly from your own collection or stream whatever you want - without any electricity or cables. The only thing you need is a Bluetooth connection from a smartphone to the Bluetooth sound system.

Buying a Bluetooth speaker - what do I need to know?

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes, they have varying battery lives and also have a USB port. Battery life is important so the Bluetooth sound system can offer you the perfect music experience for a longer period of time. Is the power running out? Then you can recharge the battery through the USB port and refill it with a new energy. Finally, it also means you can play music directly from your phone if it doesn't have a direct Bluetooth connection.

Where intelligence and compactness come together

There's a Bluetooth speaker by auna for every taste and need. From the small portable speakers all the way up to big speakers: auna offers a wide range of different types of speakers. With the introduction of the Intelligence Tube, the well-known manufacturer now even offers a portable speaker with voice control. Smart, intelligent and compact, this cordless speaker can do more than just be taken everywhere - it can even connect to Alexa. That means the portable speaker can do everything from announce various notifications, open the calendar and find out the current traffic conditions, to respond to commands using WiFi - which means it can even do online shopping, for example.

Portable speaker for outdoor parties in nature

Whether it's winter or summer: parties outdoors happen at any time of the year. That often means that the devices have to operate without electricity. auna makes sure you're not missing out on anything when it comes to music, with portable speakers from the collections Beachboy XXL, Central Park or Thunderstorm. These models of speakers are particularly robust, and are available in different sizes and colors. Equipped with powerful batteries, they'll guarantee you can enjoy your music to your heart's content. The speakers also feature an attractive design and optimum technology that ensures the perfect sound.

For the real party on the go - Bluetooth speakers with radio

The DiskoStar Bluetooth speaker by auna really lives up to its name. One of the highlights of this powerhouse of a speaker is the built-in disco ball, which turns any place into a dance floor in the blink of an eye. So that nothing's lacking when it comes to music, the Bluetooth speaker is equipped with FM radio, and alongside the Bluetooth function also has a USB port and an SD card slot. Thanks to the built-in 6.3 millimeter microphone jack, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from singing your heart out as well - anywhere, any time, because this speaker also requires no additional electricity.

With the right Bluetooth speaker, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying music the way you want to. Our online shop offers a wide variety of different models and types. In order to find the Bluetooth speaker that's right for you, we recommend you have a good look around!

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