Music to go at all times, with auna bluetooth speakers

If the music flows inside you and you want to listen to your favourite tracks wherever you are, enjoying astounding sound quality and without having to spend huge amounts of money, on auna you can find some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. Designed to ensure maximum ease of use in every situation, whether it's a cube Bluetooth speaker, a tower speaker or another smaller device, auna products will become your ideal leisure companion, allowing you to listen to your favourite albums, podcasts and radio broadcasts with ease and excellent playback quality.

Bluetooth speaker: crystal-clear sound, with no cable

Bluetooth speakers rely on a wireless connection to connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or mp3 players. Especially if you love to listen to your music on the road, outdoors, at the beach or camping for example, or in all those situations where there is no power outlet available, Bluetooth speakers are the perfect solution to take your favourite music with you at all times. Once the internal batteries have been recharged via USB, you will have several hours of autonomy to listen to your favourite songs; all you need to do is pair your Bluetooth speaker to the device you normally use for playback and press play.

Thanks to the convenience represented by the absence of cables and the possibility of remote playback, the Bluetooth speakers are replacing traditional hi-fi systems and are now widely used in domestic environments, ensuring the connection even when devices such as phones and computers follows you from one room to another. For this reason, auna has also developed a series of Bluetooth speakers designed specifically for home use, from our coffee tables with integrated Bluetooth speakers to stylish tower speakers that allow streaming music from different sources; the USB ports with which they are equipped can, in fact, be used to connect pen drives full of MP3s and other devices. Through the line input, you can also use them as traditional loudspeakers, enjoying a warm and clear sound at all times.

Fixed or portable Bluetooth speaker?

The future of music playback is undoubtedly in wireless technology, and the advantage of using Bluetooth speakers is obvious. When making your choice, however, what factors should you pay more attention to? First, it is important to assess the mains use you intend to make of it, i.e. whether you plan to keep your Bluetooth speaker at home and use it exclusively as a fixed system or, on the other hand, whether your idea is to bring it around with you. In the latter case, weight and size are two absolutely central aspects, which can make the difference between a fully-fledged portable speaker and one that is simply 'transportable'. For home use, moreover, one feature that should not be overlooked is the design, to choose a model that can combine with your furniture and please the eye as well as the ear.

If you're looking for a portable Bluetooth case, it's important to pay attention to the resistance class of the device to atmospheric agents such as water and dust, expressed by the IP certification. A model that guarantees certain durability in this sense can be used without problems in all those situations where the risk of contact with water is higher, for example at the poolside or on the beach. Battery life is also a crucial aspect; a good Bluetooth speaker should guarantee you at least 6-8 hours of playback, for easy use even when you are travelling and cannot recharge it frequently. The actual autonomy of these devices often differs from that declared by the manufacturer, and also depends on the type of use you make of them, especially if you keep them on for a long time at high volume.

Power, sound quality and main features of a wireless speaker

Are you looking for a device to listen to music in the background, maybe during dinner, or to organize a party with many people? The power of a speaker, expressed in watts, is always one of the most important factors. However, be careful not to confuse power with sound quality: higher power does not necessarily correspond to better sound, but if you are too demanding with a low wattage speaker, the sound will be distorted, with the risk of damaging the device. So it's better to choose a slightly higher power thean the one you need, to keep on the safe side.

In our range of Bluetooth speakers you will find the most compact and portable solutions, with power around 12-15 watts up to 120 Watt tower, multi-way models, for faithful reproduction on all frequency ranges with dedicated speakers and subwoofers.

Almost all Bluetooth speakers are equipped with jack inputs, so they can be connected to devices such as old Ipods, without wireless connectivity. There may also be useful SD card slots, as well as an additional USB input through which other playback devices can be connected.

All speakers have manual controls, but some models, including our Intelligence Plug, have some extra features such as the voice assistant, which extends its use to applications that go beyond listening to music, such as receiving traffic information and reading the weather forecast through Alexa. In this case, the Bluetooth speaker turns into a standalone device and can also be used without connecting to a smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth speakers normally have a range of between 10 and 30 metres. Models based on the latest Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth 5) guarantee a wider range with lower energy consumption than those with older Bluetooth systems.

Bluetooth profiles for wireless speakers

When looking for a Bluetooth speaker, if you take a look at the different models on the market, you will find different versions that stand out for certain profiles associated with basic connectivity. The Bluetooth version has a direct impact on bandwidth, and there are models on that usually do not fall below 4.0: however, it is best to opt for models that offer at least 5.0 to take advantage of some of its advantages, such as the possibility of having several simultaneous connections. The Bluetooth class (1, 2, 3 or 4) also affects the range directly.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with the highest sound quality, the APTx codec offers the best performance, and as far as the profile is concerned, it will determine both the features and the sound quality you can get from your speaker. In other words, while Bluetooth connectivity defines the parameters of the wireless connection, profiles determine the type of functionality and possible interactions between the source device and receiver. Both must be compatible with the same profiles to use them to their full potential.

Limiting only the features directly related to sound, the main Bluetooth profiles are:

  • A2DP: the most popular, it is the main one used to transmit audio through BT connectivity.

  • AVRCP: this profile is used for remote control of the various audio playback functions.

  • HFP: this profile is required to use a speaker as a hands-free speaker phone and then make/receive calls from your smartphone.

  • HSP: is the most used profile for receiving audio content in headphones.

The best sound quality you can obtain via Bluetooth is determined by the profile and supported codecs, which usually compress the sound so as not to exceed the maximum bandwidth assigned to the profile.

Playback quality and portable speakers


The most common profile is A2DP, which generally supports the SBC codec, as well as MP3 or AAC formats, provided both source and speaker are compatible. With the SBS codec, the audio bitrate reaches 320 kbps in stereo, more than enough for streaming services. However, if the content you send to your Bluetooth speakers exceeds this quality and you want minimize the loss of quality, you should opt for the APTx codec, which is already available in high-end Bluetooth speakers and speakers. With this codec, you get a quality similar to CD without and also improves latency.

For the connectivity of your future Bluetooth audio system, the profile controls how many connected devices it can support at the same time, i.e. how many devices it saves the connection to. At home, you may have several smartphones, tablets or even laptops and desktops from which you want to send audio to a Bluetooth speaker. If you've already paired them up, it will be quicker to restore the connection and start sending audio whenever you want, without waiting too long.

Outdoor party? Choose an auna bluetooth speaker

There is always a good occasion to organize an outdoor party, regardless of the season of the year. And if you love parties in the middle of nature, when you need to take your music outdoors and away from power sources, auna provides you with portable speakers from the Beachboy, Central Park or Thunderstorm collections. These attractively designed models are particularly robust and available in a variety of sizes and colours, and their powerful batteries allow you to enjoy your favourite music for hours on end, ensuring a crystal-clear sound.

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