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Internet Radio & Wifi Radio - How does it work?

Internet radio - also often referred to as Wi-Fi radio or web radio do not receive music, programmes and news via radio waves like conventional radios. But via the Internet. This adds a whole new dimension to listening to the radio.

An internet radio can receive thousands of stations from all over the world. It provides a high-quality reception completely independent from weather conditions.

All you need to use an internet radio is a home network that can be connected to the radio via Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Using Wi-Fi, which is provided free of charge by default when entering a contract for DSL internet, is the easiest option.

This way, the radio can be used in multiple places and without any cables, which makes it possible to use one in different rooms at the same time. As soon as the radio is connected to a network, it can access the Internet via the router and offer you an almost inexhaustible variety of radio stations and programmes from all over the world.

What radio stations can I receive with Internet Radio?

Jazz from France, reggae beats from Jamaica or the newest K-pop hits from South Korea. An internet radio can access stations from all over the globe. There are thousands of stations worldwide.

Many traditional radio stations like the German ARD or the British BBC also broadcast their programme via the Internet, therefore making it available beyond regional or continental borders. These stations are some of the many stations that are often preprogrammed on web radios.

Worldwide, there are an estimated 30,000 stations. This is because, in addition to traditional radio stations, practically any PC user with an internet connection can create their own radio programme online really inexpensively.

Thanks to these private stations, the number of channel lists is growing continuously. Accordingly, there is a wide range of music on offer, both in terms of music styles and other programme content, such as talk shows, news and radio plays. Thanks to the impressive diversity of stations around the world, Internet radio opens up countless thematic channels with programmes dedicated to individual and specific interest groups. There is something for every taste.

Internet Radio for sale - What should I pay attention to?

When buying an Internet radio, it is worth taking a look at the technical specs. A closer look at the features and playback options highlights the differences between the devices. For example, not every system has an alarm clock function, a CD player or a Bluetooth interface.

The equipment of modern Internet radio devices can be very extensive. Many devices can be used as network players. They also can connect to external devices, feed data in various formats, store music, set sounds.

They can as well function as radio alarm clocks, display different information (e.g. song title, album, news) on the display and much more.

Once the requirements for the device have been clearly defined, it is very easy to find the right radio. For music lovers with a home stereo system, for example, an Internet radio adapter is a good choice. It can be connected to the existing system or the active loudspeakers very easily. Thus takes the devices into the digital age.

You want to revive your CD collection? You should make sure that the device has an integrated CD player when you buy it. Other playback options, such as an input for an MP3 player, DAB internet radio, FM reception and SD slot.

The Bluetooth connectivity should also be checked in advance. Compact mini radios or portable internet radios plugged directly into a wall socket ensure portable use. They can be installed in any room in no time at all without a cable, antenna or batteries.

Internet kitchen radios can be mounted under a wall cabinet to save space. They provide the kitchen with exotic music or the latest cooking show from France. They provide the ideal musical entertainment at the stove.

Wifi Radio - Fun facts

Did you know that there's an internet radio station that plays rain sounds?

Those who love the sound of rain pattering against the window will be in good hands with Rainy Mood. This unique Internet radio station plays rain sounds 24 hours a day - perfect for falling asleep, studying or relaxing. Only from time to time is the gentle splash interrupted by a sudden thunderclap or a passing car. The sounds are definitely realistic and perfect for those who love autumn.

Did you know what distinguishes Angel Radio from all other radio stations?

If you dive into the depths of Internet radio, you will find even more treasures. For example, the Internet radio station Angel Radio, offers a programme specifically for radio lovers older than 60. The icing on the cake: all employees at Angel Radio station are over 60. The only rule for music selection is: Only songs published after 1960 may be played.

Did you know that the first internet radio station wasn't created until 1993?

The American technologist and author Carl Malamud founded the radio station Internet Talk Radio in 1993. Which was the first station to be broadcasted exclusively on the Internet. The program was very simple in the beginning, and a computer expert was interviewed just once a week.

Nevertheless, Internet radio was on the move, and a revolution had begun. Only one year later, the first big Internet radio broadcast took place. It was a live concert of the Rolling Stones.

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