auna megaphones: whenever you need to be heard

Are you attending an important event where there will be many people to address and you don't know how to grab everyone’s attention? When it's not possible to use portable PA system, a megaphone could be the best solution to amplify your voice and reach as many people as possible in the crowd. Easy to handle, with a reduced size, this small appliance has been used for decades and is still a big classic for rallies, gatherings, sports events, and any occasion where there's a broad audience you need your message to get through. Finding the right megaphone may not be as easy as it sounds, given the variety of models you can find for sale, each one with his features.

At auna you'll find an assortment of affordable, quality megaphones for sale, all made of durable materials with an attractive design, available in different power ranges. Some of our megaphones are equipped with extra features, such as the possibility of recording your voice and playing it back repeatedly. On the other hand, a megaphon with siren and other useful sound effects is extremely handy when you need an extra gear to attract attention. Take advantage of our megaphone deals and choose the model that best meets your needs; auna megaphones are the solution you've been looking for whenever you need to be heard.

Common uses for a megaphone

Far from being confined to events, there are many reasons to buy a megaphone! It's the ideal tool for passing instructions around without shouting or leaving one's voice behind. It can provide sound for processions, demonstrations, sports events, open-air events, entertainment and games, summer camps, and many more. Numerous applications are being updated: during information tours, it can mind people of safety instructions or broadcast public interest messages. It has the same usefulness as a sound vehicle with a loudspeaker on the roof, but with the megaphone’s more flexible and lighter side.

How does a megaphone work?

A megaphone consists of four main components: a microphone, a speaker, the power supply and the amplifier. When a person speaks into the microphone located in the megaphone's mouthpiece, the amplifier makes the voice louder because it is projected through the speaker. How much the sound is amplified depends on the power of the speaker. Unlike a manual megaphone, the person speaking does not need to shout when using a megaphone.

A hand-held megaphone directs the voice to one point, leveraging its cone shape that creates a smooth transition for the sound to travel. When the sound leaves the smallmouth area, it spreads out in all directions, limiting its range. Megaphones allow a person to aim the sound in the direction they want it to go: the longer the megaphone, the further away it will project the voice. This is why people who need to project their voices over long distances, such as cheerleaders, use a long megaphone.

How to choose your megaphone?

The megaphone is recognisable by its roof shape, allowing the amplified signal to travel considerable distances, several hundred metres with the new models. On the other hand, the horn format limits the angle of diffusion with a unidirectional sound. The choice of power allows you to temper this limitation: with a model with sufficient power, you can convey a fairly clear sound in a close perimeter, in all directions.

Power is directly related to the price of a megaphone, and on auna, you can find a wide range of power on professional models. Note that from 25W, the megaphone can carry sound at a maximum distance of 600m thanks to its horn shape. With a 45W megaphone, you can reach a distance of 1 km or even more. Of course, these values are estimated under ideal conditions, without any phenomena contrary to the atmospheric level and outside any noisy context.

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