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Please your eye and ear: choose auna speaker stands

Among the most important, yet most neglected elements, of a hifi system we surprisingly find the speaker stands, or pedestals. You can easily place compact bookshelf loudspeakers on a cabinet or shelf, but using a specific speaker stand will allow you to get the best acoustic performance from your loudspeaker, at the same time minimizing the risk of accidental falls and annoying sound dispersion

The speaker stands you can find in our online shop offer you a safe solution for your speakers in the living room, bedroom, home theatre or for small event stages. In our online store you can easily and simply buy the speaker stands you want and immediately enjoy the design of your choice. So your favourite track will be an absolute sound experience at home and you make sure that the sound of your new speakers doesn't get dispersed on the floor.

The main advantages of using a speaker stand

Speaker stands certainly improve the aesthetics of your home audio Set-Up, compared to the simple positioning on a sideboard. Still, using the correct speaker stands brings many technical advantages, especially in terms of sound quality. The loudspeaker stands guarantee a superior acoustic performance because :

  • you are free to choose the best position for your loudspeakers in the room, regardless of the availability of pre-existing cabinets

  • a stand allows you to place the speaker to the ideal listening height

  • problems of immediate reflection of the closest surfaces, like for instance the supporting piece of furniture or the floor, are minimized

  • speaker stands isolate the speakers from the rest of the room by dampening unwanted vibrations from the cabinet and towards it

Isn't that enough for you? On auna you can find different models of speaker stands, differing in weight and insulation performance. If you are already happy and lucky enough to own one of our bookshelf loudspeakers, or if you simply want to revamp your living room and improve the acoustic performance of your old loudspeakers freeing up valuable space on your bookshelves, have a look to our product gallery to find the model that best suits you. You can choose between different designs and materials that can be combined in the best way with your furniture.

What are the main differences between different speaker stands?

Speaker stands can differ substantially in terms of design, materials and of course, price range. Depending on the kind of loudspeaker you own, you will be looking for an inexpensive model or a medium or high-end stand, and as price goes up, you will gradually get a stand with superior finishes, better material, higher weight, better stability, easier adjustable spikes and higher load-bearing capacity.

  • Speaker stand design
    The aesthetics of the various stands can vary greatly. There are extremely simple models that are manufactured and built with different materials. Chromed, satin-finished, lacquered metal or wood and glass are the main options for speaker stands in terms of materials and decoration. Mostly each pedestal is composed of a base, often equipped with adjustable and removable spikes, a central vertical that develops vertically and in some cases has a hollow cavity to conceal the cables inside, and finally an upper support plate, which will come into contact with the speaker.

  • Ideal Stand Height
    There is no stand at the ideal height. There are many models of stands and many speaker models. The perfect height is - roughly speaking - the height at which the tweeter of the loudspeaker you use, once the loudspeaker itself is placed on the stand, is at the height of our ear while you are in the listening position. This, of course, depends also if you use to sit or stand when listening. So, starting with the size of the room and the speaker you actually own or want to buy, you can calculate the ideal height of your speaker stand. Of course, we're talking about approximations of a few centimetres, so you don’t have to excessively picky in this respect.

  • Maximum load and stand filling
    Stands are characterized by different maximum load levels. If you are equipped with small and light speakers you don't run risks, but if your speaker is large and heavy... you need a base that can support it permanently. A base stand is good for many speakers but not for the most demanding ones. There are very heavy pedestals with a large footprint on the ground, and they are perfect to support consistent loads. On the other hand, one way to increase the mass and therefore the stability of a stand is to fill its hollow cavities with heavy, damping material, such as lead granules or special sand.

  • Adjustable ground spikes
    Speaker stands are often equipped with adjustable spikes. These spikes can be found in the base as well as, less often, on the top plate. The purpose of the spikes, in both cases, is to isolate the speaker, separating the contact surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the continuous adjustment of the tips themselves, it is also possible to finely modify the inclination of the speaker placed on it. Each speaker stand can be placed on the floor. In this case it serves precisely to raise the speaker and minimize the first reflections of the floor. If you isolate the stand through the spikes, you can obtain an important improvement, reducing the vibrations coming to and from the speaker.
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