Wireless Microphones From Auna – the Best Choice

By using a wireless microphone, you can be sure to be perfectly audible on any event – the various sets in our store will not only make you sound superbly, they also ensure a setup that is as easy as possible as well as lots of comfort when actually speaking. So be it on events, on stage, or simply for the next speech in a larger hall: among auna's microphones, you will find the perfect wireless microphone.

What Makes a Wireless Microphone Set Special?

The first thing to know is what exactly you can buy along with a wireless microphone and what advantages that offers – because the wireless option might not actually be the best choice for you. In that case, auna offers you a wide choice of corded variants as well. A wireless microphone set consists of a microphone and a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver quite simply gets connected to your existing system and produces the received sound there. For transmitters, there are two different variants, depending on which microphone you go for. A classic dynamic microphone to be held in hand that has a built-in transmitter. That means you will be able to operate the microphone freely in your hand and transmit your voice directly to the receiver optimally. That is ideal for singing, for example, or when a microphone needs to be passed on. Anyone who traditionally speaks at a microphone stand and occasionally takes the microphone to mingle with the audience is well served with this variant, too. For many kinds of speeches, however, a wireless microphone with headset is better suited. The main reasons are that a headset allows for much freer gesticulating and will not block the view on the speaker's face. While the actual microphone is much smaller in this setup, it still transmits every word crystal clearly thanks to its proximity to the mouth. On top of that, there is no variability in the distance to the mouth, which is also perfect when working with people who have little experience with microphones. Since all of auna's sets contain VHF wireless microphones, there is no need for you to worry about registering and reserving frequencies. That, obviously, facilitates installation, especially when changing locations and in the event of spontaneous usages.

Professional Quality at Entry-Level Prices

Auna provides wireless microphones that operate perfectly simply by the plug and play principle. Thus, with no more than a few movements, you can ensure every guest experiences optimal sound quality and that the words of the speaker/singer/performer will be transmitted even to the back row. Thanks to comfortable headsets and ergonomically designed microphones, the necessary comfort on stage will not be compromised either. The appealing design then is no more than an additional bonus. Even if you have only little experience with speaking into the microphone, you will find quick entry using wireless microphone sets from auna. And as experienced sound technicians, you will be appreciative of the effortless setup and comfort of the sets anyway.

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