The eye-catching, high-quality sound of auna retro radios

Are you a vintage lover? Do you like to be surrounded by objects from the past, not only to relive memories of times gone by but above all to enjoy the charm and elegance that nowadays seem to have been partly forgotten? Vintage retro radios are among the most sought-after items by fans of retro taste, along with old telephones and sewing machines: they are inspired by the design of the devices used since the beginning of the last century to listen to music and news, and also act as an important complement to the home decor.

With their distinctive look, retro radios are not only useful household appliances but also, and above all, masterpieces of design that are still capable of fascinating, inspiring and taking us back to the times when, before the advent of television, the whole family would wait for the evening and gather in front of the radio to listen to the news and concerts. So owning a vintage radio is a bit like owning a memorable piece of history. In this spirit, auna developed a series of models inspired by vintage design but equipped with the latest technology. In our online shop, you can choose the model that best suits your vintage taste ina wide range of radios with different functions: don’t miss a listening experience that blends the latest technologies with an undisputed retro flavour!

Main features of modern retro radios

Quite simply, we can define retro radios as devices that are reminiscent of older fashioned radios but equipped with the latest technology, for a seamless, high-quality listening experience. The nostalgic design of auna retro radios features elegant aesthetics and fine detailing, with buttons and classic elements incorporated such as wood, taking you back in time while enjoying your favourite radio stations or music enjoying full compatibility with modern standards, via Bluetooth, USB, SD cards and AUX.

A retro vintage radio will allow you to enjoy the benefits of next-generation technology and a striking look at the same time. Place it anywhere in your home and your friends will stare at it with a smile on their faces, as it has not only excellent sound quality but also a powerful decorative factor. One of the main features of the new vintage radios you'll find on auna is the high fidelity sound they offer. Whichever design you choose, you're guaranteed to hear your favourite music in crystal clear sound quality.

Discover auna portable vintage radios

Take a look at our product range, and you'll notice that under the label of vintage radios auna is offering various models with different aesthetic and technical features. For some, a retro radio should like it's straight out of the early 20th century, with its large size and dark wood chassis that blends in with the decor of your home. For others, the retro look may be reminiscent of the smaller, minimalist lines of the vintage radios from the 1970s. And some prefer the look of 1950s appliances, with bright colours and shades.

What our vintage radios have in common, though, is their extreme versatility of use. Our portable models, such as the RCD series, and those specifically designed for home use, allow playing music from various media. They all include a CD player, which is not only compatible with the most common audio formats but can also read MP3s. If you prefer to play your digital files from a pen drive, no problem! Our retro radios with a display also feature a USB port and SD slot, allowing you to connect your portable digital storage devices easily.

If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing solution - and not just for sound reproduction - our jukebox radios allow you to bring the atmosphere of a real American diner into your living room, with the added convenience of being able to manage your playlist remotely and comfortably, using the remote control.

Retro radios with advanced features

Our retro radios, such as the Belle Epoque series, offer you a complete alternative to traditional stereo systems , as they also feature a turntable and cassette player, as well as an FM tuner and CD player. Thanks to their design, which is strongly inspired by the past, they are ideal if you are looking for an elegant radio set with a strong personality, adding an element of visual appeal to your listening room.

If, on the other hand, you're more interested in today's digital transmission and playback technologies, DAB vintage radios like our Akkord radio offer superb sound quality when listening to your favourite radio programmes anywhere, especially when you are on the go, thanks to its sleek, minimalist design and its practical handle. If you don't want to give up the retro taste even in a web radio, you can choose our IR-150 instead, which through its digital screen, you can manage up to 250 stations in its memory. The AUX output makes for an easy connection to your hi-fi system , which can then amplify an infinite amount of radio stations from all over the world. Many of our vintage radios also feature an AUX line input and Bluetooth connectivity, now the most popular standard for playing music and streaming audio directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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