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DAB+ is a digital radio broadcasting standard and the natural evolution for FM radio, as it works in a similar way but using a digital technology. This translates into a higher quality signal reaching places that were previously impossible.

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new form of radio broadcasting over a network of terrestrial transmitters in addition to analogue FM broadcasting. It offers the listener more options and information with clear, quality sound. The technology allows the receiver to maintain the best signal it can find. With digital DAB stations, no frequencies are recorded; tuning is done by station name, so you don't have to re-tune when you change your location.

What is new about digital DAB+ radios?

A digital portable radio is the evolution of traditional analogue portable radios and generally includes new features, such as digital tuning and the possibility to preset your favourite stations. This way, you’ll no longer have to waste time finding your favourite station, and even the reception of the channel will be much more precise.

A modern portable radio often also integrates clock radio functions, in some cases, it acts as a weather station and can also be used as a simple speaker, thanks to various digital ports, such as USB, SD card reader or Bluetooth wireless technology, just to name a few: in this way, with a modern small radio you can stream your favourite music content, or play your MP3s with extreme ease.

Other important advantages of a next-generation portable radio, compared to traditional analogue models, are enhanced sound quality and reduced weight and consumption, thanks to the use of integrated circuits. Digital electronics are extremely versatile and make it possible to manage systems with a high capacity of reception stations and a wide range of functions.

The design of digital portable radios includes a wide variety of models, which in some cases wink at the past, inspired by the radios our grandparents used. Of course, there are also models with a more modern, futuristic designs, such as cubes for example.

Other portable dab radios offer a wide range of games for the younger generation and include powerful subwoofer-style speakers designed to take music anywhere with the ability to connect to other devices such as microphones, music storage devices or smartphones.

Main advantages of DAB radio

  • It provides high quality reception of sound signals, equivalent to that of a CD

  • The system is more robust than the airborne transmission system

  • There are no interferences, it solves all problems of distortion and cancellations affecting FM signals in mobile phones and vehicles in motion

  • Greater flexibility and variety in the information received. Besides audio, text and multimedia can be transmitted

What should you look for when buying a digital radio?

If you want to take full advantage of this relatively 'new' standard, your digital radio or DAB should have at least the following features.

  • DAB+: DAB+ compatibility or certification

  • Blueetooth or wi-fi connectivity: a dab radio with Bluetooth allows you to connect speakers or external audio sources to your radio (mobile phones, for example)

  • Preset radio stations: the more stations your new radio has loaded, the better

  • Alarm clock option

  • Battery: ideally you should combine a battery, with the option of connecting it to the mains power supply. This way, your radio will be both portable and 'fixed'
  • Fixed or portable DAB radio?

    The main point about a portable radio is that it can be carried from one place to another in a comfortable, safe and simple way, to prevent the equipment from being damaged while travelling. For this reason, it should have a solid base that allows it to be placed on different surfaces.

    Some portable digital radios are equipped with handles that are incorporated in a modern design, making them easy to carry without the risk of them slipping off your hands. Therefore, consider those models that provide the conditions to be transported in the most comfortable way possible because otherwise, the use of the device will be quite limited.

    The vast majority of portable digital radios use disposable lithium batteries of different voltages for operation; others are equipped with a dual option, as they can be connected to the power source and charged with alternating current to have an independent power supply for a certain period of time or be kept directly on batteries.

    To save costs, look for batteries that are included or have a dual power supply. If you don't have a wall connector, the advice is to choose devices that need fewer batteries for their operation, with the same power, quality and audio clarity.

    Find the perfect DAB radio on auna

    Another important aspect that buyers usually consider when purchasing a DAB radio is the look: these products are usually made of durable plastic, the models generally feature an extremely varied design, designed to offer reduced weight and size. Have a look at our product gallery, and pick the right model for you, choosing among a selection of retro dab radios, kitchen radios, vertical receivers and boom boxes with advanced radio features

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