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Buying cheap microphones comfortably from your home

A good microphone is the first requirement for creating appealing audio recordings. The equipment plays an especially large role in making recordings of vocals and music. Our available microphones fulfill high quality standards and appeal with their comfortable handling. We consider your personal requirements and deliver the perfect model for all use cases. That is why our offering includes microphones with a full range of features and quality charateristics. Discover the enormous breadth of our offering now and benefit from our knowledgeable support.

Studio microphones for professional recordings

Studio microphones are based on sophisticated technologies and can be used in many different situations. Whether you are recording vocals, radio plays or podcast, they allow for excellent results. For example, we offer large-diaphragm condenser microphones with gold vaporized microphone capsules. These products offer especially wide frequency responses as well as excellent dynamics. Such models are perfect for people with the highest possible standards for their studio microphone. Functional pop screens filter out background noise and a table tripod ensures high levels of comfort. Our available studio microphones also have a top-notch aesthetic design: among others we are offering variations in extravagant gold, striking blue and exquisite silver. The product offering also includes variants in classic black to ensure that the right studio microphone is available for all tastes.

High quality wireless microphones for maximum flexibility.

If you want to move around freely while singing or talking, a wireless microphone is the right choice for you. These models using wireless technology are especially well suited for events such as concerts or exhibitions. We even offer complete sets in which the individual parts are perfectly adjusted to each other. The combination of the most suitable components with each other results in an optimal sound experience. Some sets for example include multiple microphones, a steady microphone arm and over-ear headphones. The microphone arm allows you to adjust the positioning to the size of any user, while the headphones cancel any background noise without issue. Our available products in the microphone section are completed by a variety of megaphones. In case you want to make yourself heard and announce something important, these devices are the ideal solution for you. Large ranges of up to 1,000 meters and highly adjustable volume levels ensure applicability in any situation. Thanks to their sturdy and weatherproof build, these megaphones can be used outdoors without any issue.

Visit our online shop now and order your new microphone

Here at auna you can order high quality microphones at consistently low prices. Whether you are looking for condenser microphones or microphone set, our offering includes highly diverse models. If you have questions regarding USB microphones, directional microphones or other products, we are happy to assist you with our professional advice. Our friendly employees are available via mail or telephone and can support you with helpful advice on all things microphone. You have already selected a suitable microphone for your computer or a different device? Our ordering process is quick and straightforward.

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