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auna Kitchen Radios: the best companion for your cooking

Kitchen holds a magical attraction. At all times of the day and night, they lure you in with tempting delicious scents and their cosy warmth ambience; that is why they’re also a popular place to get together with your friends and family. Of course, a kitchen radio is a must-have for an all-around cosy atmosphere; it brings even more life into the kitchen with its diverse range of music and programmes. In addition, you can start the day much more quickly if you are already being informed about possible weather or traffic during your breakfast. It provides important information such as news, weather forecasts or traffic. Whether it's during preparation, cooking, baking, serving, washing dishes, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, dinner or party with family and friends. It gets the kitchen going!

The concept behind a kitchen radio

Due to the idiosyncrasies of a kitchen, the kitchen radio is quite particular in its construction. On one hand, it takes into account the fact that space is required during cooking and therefore a particularly space-saving radio should be used. On the other hand, a kitchen can pose challenges for the a all-purpose radio - such as hot steam, hotplates, splashing fat, dusty flour, increased moisture or spreading liquids. For this reason, the optimal location for a kitchen radio is either under a kitchen cabinet or on a shelf - perfectly positioned at eye level. This keeps the work surface free and the radio clean.

The flat and compact design of these under counter radio was specially conceived for this location. Thus, the radio is at the optimum height for ease of use while simultaneously being far away from the worktop. This ensures that it is well-protected against external influences and that food and kitchen appliances can be handled freely alongside it. Alternatively, thanks to its flat shape, the kitchen radio can also be placed on a protected shelf or in a suitable corner. Here, it should be noted that the kitchen radio is set up at a sufficient distance from the stove, oven, microwave or sink.

In addition to the under cabinet models - which make up the majority of kitchen radios - standing models with conventional casings are also used as kitchen radios. They do not need to be installed below the cabinet but can be placed anywhere like a table radio. These models can also be used outside the kitchen without any problems. In the kitchen, these radios are ideally placed in a protected corner or directly on a wall.

What functions to check for in a kitchen radio?

The kitchen is both a workplace where wonderfully fragrant dishes are cooked and delicious cakes are baked, as well as a dining area and a beloved place to hang out in. The kitchen radio provides entertainment and also offers various useful functions. With music, entertainment programmes and news, it keeps you company while you do kitchen work. In addition, the kitchen radio delivers fresh news and can lift moods in certain kitchen-stress situations with pleasant sounds or entertaining radio programmes.

Despite its compact design, the kitchen radio is equipped with all the technical features that the modern radio and media world has to offer. Kitchen radios are available both as analogue FM radios and as DAB kitchen radios, with the transmission standards of DAB and/or DAB+. Fans of the international music world, will certainly appreciate internet kitchen radios with Wi-Fi interfaces, as they can access a huge variety of worldwide channels and music offers of all styles. Some models are equipped with CD players, Bluetooth technology, screens and connections for external devices such as MP3 players, smartphones or computers, and in some cases, a handy tablet holder, making it easy to view web tutorials, recipes or kitchen hacks for cooking or baking. Looking for the cookbook with sticky fingers is a thing of the past! At the same time, the kitchen radio can also become a practical kitchen helper with a timer and stopwatch function, reminding you when a dish is finished.

But that's not all! A kitchen radio can be used also when the kitchen is openly connected to the living or dining room, American style, covering the entire room f due to its high sound quality. If the sounds should reach the entire apartment, alarm and snooze functions or ports for additional speakers are also useful.

Main differences between a kitchen radio and other portable music equipment

If you are looking for an under cabinet radio, you will most likely find other equipment available offering many similarities to our kitchen radios, some of which can also be used as portable speakers. However, it is important to know that they are, conceptually, different devices that work in a different way. An under counter radio, as the name itself indicates, is primarily used to tune in to AM and FM radio stations, unlike a bluetooth speaker. On the other hand, the latter has a much longer range, and it works only through Bluetooth technology, allowing it to connect and stream audio content from your mobile phone or other equipment.

Speakers are usually used for parties and meetings to listen to a specific playlist. In case you want to listen to radio programs, a kitchen radio is the best option for you among all the existing devices. Portable speakers usually have a higher cost, while even low-cost under cabinet radios offer an excellent excellent performance. If you are looking for the best kitchen radio, in our online shop we offer a wide range of promotions and discounts, for models with interesting features to meet your expectations and needs.

Which kitchen radio is right for me?

A wide variety of kitchen radio models is available. Before buying a kitchen radio, there are a few criteria to consider. The selected model must match the situation and interior of the kitchen as well as the purpose. The optimal space in the kitchen should be determined before selecting the device. This is to determine whether a built-in radio or a free-standing kitchen radio is more suitable. Especially in the kitchen, a radio with a remote control is very helpful in many situations.

Some radios also have a digital display. Here, you need to ensure that the information displayed is clearly recognisable at first glance. In general, the choice between a kitchen radio with digital display or manual operation depends on personal preferences. In many cooking situations, a tablet holder is also extremely practical, for entertainment or as a convenient kitchen aid with digital recipes.

auna offers a wide variety of modern, high quality and inexpensive kitchen radios. Whether it's a substructure model radio or standing unit, all models win customers over with their innovative technologies, sound and reception qualities, diverse features and functions, and elegant designs. In summary it can be said that compared to conventional radios, kitchen radios win people over with their ease of use and space-saving design.

Use your kitchen radio as a digital network media player

Many kitchen radios can be connected easily to the Internet via Wi-Fi now. One of these radios is the auna Soundchef kitchen radio. It offers access to music libraries in the home network and Bluetooth-enabled devices via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. All released audio files are played back using UPnP and DLNA support. If your desire for more, Spotify Connect can help with more than 40 million songs for online streaming.

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