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auna hi-fi amplifiers - the core of your home audio system

Are you a true HiFi lover and high-quality playback is what matters when you listen to your favourite tunes? Then you are certainly aware that hi-fi amplifiers are the heart of any home hi-fi equipment. HiFi power amplifiers are essential devices whose task is converting audio signals from various playback devices into the electrical impulses. Which will ultimately make your speakers system generate the sound.

For audio purists, it is essential to enjoy a full, immersive sound with your HiFi system. The HiFi amp is the device that makes it possible. Thanks to sophisticated electronics that process the incoming signal, always guaranteeing an optimal result.

You must have noticed that the prices of the best hi-fi amplifiers can easily run into the hundreds of pounds. Many audiophiles spare no expense when setting up their home audio system. There are different schools of thought as to which is the best type of HiFi power amplifier.

Suppose you need a solid, reliable integrated amplifier capable of faithfully reproducing sound without any distortion. In that case, you can find several solutions at auna, all of which offer excellent value for your money. Take a look at our product gallery. Read the product descriptions carefully and choose the model that's right for your needs and budget.

How does a hi-fi amplifier work?

A stereo amplifier is a box-like device, to which all the devices you use for music playback. CD player, cassette player, receiver or record player are connected. Once read by the different media, the sound signal is transformed into micro-electrical impulses. Those reach the hi-fi amplifier, creating an enlarged replica of the original smaller signal to be transformed into the electrical impulses power the speakers.

In the past stereo amplifiers were mainly using valves increase the power of the input signals. Whereas in recent decades the use of transistors has become established. For purists, only valve amplifiers faithfully can reflect the original characteristics of the sound.

In addition to the high consumption, they are more delicate and have to warm up before they start working properly. For these reasons, the vast majority of today’s commercial HiFi amplifiers. Sometimes referred to as integrated amplifiers, as they also operate as preamplifiers - rely on transistor technology.

Power and functionalities of a stereo amplifier

Before purchasing your stereo amplifier, you should carefully consider the speakers’ that you plan to use, especially in terms of power. Undersizing the power leads to results below expectations while exceeding output power means running the risk of easily damaging your speakers. Loudspeakers’ technical data sheets generally give indications on the recommended power for the amplifier to use, and this should generally be slightly higher than the sum of the output of each speaker.

In addition to the possibility of adjusting the sound, by acting on frequency bands through an equaliser, an integrated HiFi amplifier also includes other functions that allow you to use it without connection to external devices, using its built-in tuner, for example.

The presence of a radio tuner or the possibility of connecting wirelessly to devices such as smartphones. Tablets and PCs for audio streaming distinguishes a hifi amplifier with Bluetooth from more traditional models.

If vinyl is your thing and you are looking for a suitable device to match your record player? You'll need to look specifically for a turntable amplifier with a phono input. As the audio signal sent from the needle is lower than the line-level signal produced by modern devices.

auna turntables have overcome this problem. As they are equipped with a small internal preamplifier that outputs the signal at line level. Precisely to ensure maximum compatibility with all types of amplifiers. Allowing you to use the tape, aux or cd input of your hi-fi amplifier without any issus.

Amplifier class: what does it mean?

HiFi Amplifiers are divided into classes ranging from A to D.

However, this classification, unlike in the case of household appliances, does not refer to their power consumption. But to the way the internal transistor operates when it is amplifying the signal. For example, a class-D mini HiFi amplifier is characterised by high efficiency with low heat generation.

Therefore, it is common to use them as car amplifiers. When setting up a in-car entertainment system, it’s crucial to choose devices that don’t heat up. Because they are generally located in tiny spaces with no ventilation.

A pure class-A hi-end amplifier, in addition to its high price, is bulkier, more delicate. It represents typically a niche product that is difficult to find in modern electronics shops. In principle, there is no correlation between sound quality and amplifier class.

auna hifi amplifiers for sale: the best choice for you

Most auna's HiFi amplifiers fall in the intermediate classes (A/B), combining outstanding performance with high energy efficiency. We have developed a range of solutions that perfectly match your hi-fi system’s characteristics. Those offer from the BT-bro mini amplifier with minimalist design and Bluetooth functionality. Also HiFi amps with USB and SD card input great flexibility for use in combination with other source devices.

If you're looking for surround sound, our 4-zone AV2 amplifier delivers excellent sound and dynamics. Allowing you to adjust the level of the different outputs separately.

You think that listening to music is all about relaxation? Our remote control models allow you to sit back and relax while you adjust the volume setting. Or to switch between stations to find your favourite music.

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