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Retro Record Players

auna retro record players: a pleasure for your ears and eyes

If you want to listen to your vinyl records while delighting not only your ears but also your eyes with a retro-designed piece of equipment to relive the emotions of the past, at auna you can find some of the best retro record players currently on the market. With a wide assortment of value-for-money models, in our online shop, you'll have no trouble finding the best vintage turntable for your needs and various types of home stereo systems combining a retro record player with the latest digital technology. Despite their nostalgic look and lines of the past, many of our retro record players come with a CD player, FM and DAB+ radio tuner, Bluetooth connection and even allow you to transfer the warm sound of your favourite records to external media via a USB port to which you can connect a pen-drive.

Your journey through time begins with auna turntables, designed to offer you the elegance of their precious details inspired by the golden age of the 1950s or more minimalist modernist designs, featuring maximum versatility of use, equipped with the latest technology for music reproduction and offering a listening experience at the highest level.

Different designs for our retro record players

The turntable itself is already a vintage piece of equipment, but to meet the demands of retro style lovers, you'll find auna's range of vintage vinyl players in a wide variety of designs, perfect for home and away, that fully satisfy consumer tastes both aesthetically and technically.

Among the various models of retro record players we offer, the entry-level solution is represented by the vintage portable record players incorporated in a case, offering maximum practicality and portability, since by closing the case with the appropriate security mechanism, arm, platter and needle will always be protected from accidental damage. Perfect as a gift idea, easy to use at a friend's house or to liven up a party in any situation, these units allow you to brush up on the great classics of 20th-century music in style and with a small footprint. The built-in speakers are designed for good sound, but thanks to the RCA output connector with line signal, they can be easily connected to your hi fi amplifier and a larger hi fi system if needed, for a more powerful and defined sound, especially on the bass frequencies

Our TT series models, on the other hand, are great if you are looking for a more classic, simple and functional turntable for home use. They are available in black or cherry red, and thanks to the encoding function and USB socket they allow not only listening but also exportins your favourite vinyl tracks, while through the auxiliary input you can connect them to computers, mp3 players or CDs.

You'll also find 1950s-inspired models on auna, including the slightly bulkier but equally attractive NR-620 and MG-TT-82B series. Suitable not only for vinyl playback but also for radio listening, since they have a built-in FM receiver, these models have a distinctly retro look on the front, distinguished by the presence of a stylish frequency selector that with its circular shape reminds of the odometer of a car.

Our multifunctional retro record players

For those who love the design of retro radios, real cult objects and furnishings around which family members gathered in the evening to listen to the day's news together, auna has created the Belle Epoque vintage stereo system series. Made of solid wood and with great attention to detail with copper and gold coloured inlays, and thus perfectly suited to the classic decor of your home, these universal devices offer the most modern functionality for playing music from various media, despite their old-fashioned appearance.

Our Belle Epoque devices feature a belt-driven platter, which can be accessed by lifting the top cover, for playing 33, 45 and 78 rpm vinyl. They also have a retractable CD player, cassette player and FM - DAB+ tuner in the more advanced versions with a display, for enjoying extra content. In addition, using the USB port, it is possible to record and archive music from the phono signal, CD or tapes. And, of course, Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming from external devices. What more could you ask for?

Retro turntables and vintage hi-fi systems

For a style that winks at the minimalist design of the 1970s, on auna you can find the Oakland and Oxford series of vintage record players, with their essential details and elegant appearance achieved by the clever combination of wood and metal. Thanks to their small footprint, these models fit perfectly into limited living spaces, and by correctly positioning the two separate speakers you can easily enjoy the stereo effect, as in a traditional hi-fi system.

When it comes to digital functionality, these models are equipped with a remote control and are quipped with an intuitive display allowing to easily navigate through the different features, including the analogue and digital DAB+ tuner, CD and mp3 player, as well as Bluetooth and auxiliary connection. The belt-driven turntable comes with a transparent cover, and offers the three playback speeds, so you can play any type of vinyl.

Take a look at our product gallery and be inspired by the timeless appeal of our retro record players! Buy them conveniently online taking advantage of our offers, forget shipping costs, and start dusting off your records with one of auna’s amazing retro record players!

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