auna - play it loud!

In 2007, a few young developers undertook the task of democratising the world of sound. This was the beginning of Auna's success story. At Auna, we place special emphasis on sound design, the latest technological advances, and of course the best price possible.

Our wide product range includes a fast growing and dynamic range, which can be summarised in five main categories. Here one can find a variety of hifi equipment, powerful speakers and microphones, and various headphone models to tailor to each customer's correct sound concept. Auna's car and hifi products meet the high standards expected and ensure optimal sound on the go.

The brand philosophy

Auna's goal is to incorporate current trends, technical breakthroughs as well as user feedback and ideas in order to create products with a modern sound. Meanwhile, Auna has helped upgrade sound-conscious households and lounges in over 15 countries to some of the highest quality audio technology. Auna design products to fit the atmosphere of their environments, and compliment their ambience. Whether travelling, at a party or in everyday life, the products of Auna will accompany you, innovatively and reliably.

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