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In addition to a powerful music system, loudspeakers play the most important role if you want to enjoy music in your rooms without a care in the world. With a shelf loudspeaker of this category you equip yourself with the latest technology that takes up little space in your home. Despite their small size, small bookshelf speakers offer you a first-class listening experience and ensure a high level of music enjoyment in confined spaces.

What distinguishes modern bookshelf speakers?

The audio technology of modern Hifi bookshelf speakers has been continuously developed over decades and receives completely new impulses from the digital age. A perfect sound reproduction, which was previously only possible with very large loudspeakers, can now be enjoyed thanks to handy speakers a few centimeters in size. Performance values between 70 and 100 watts assure you enough dynamics for a powerful music reproduction with a low power consumption.

If you would like to buy 2-way loudspeakers or other variants of modern bookshelf loudspeakers from auna, you are guaranteed attractive designs in addition to sophisticated technology. From the elegant wooden charm to the shelf loudspeaker in white you will find appealing models to suit your style of living. Individual variants such as passive shelf loudspeakers with low power are even portable and can be set up anywhere in your home. The ideal solution to use your smartphone as a music source in addition to your Hi-Fi system and to benefit from great music enjoyment in different rooms.

The most important variants at a glance

For an upscale sound experience that die-hard music fans want, 2-way speakers are the ideal purchase. In these cases, a tweeter as well as a woofer and midrange driver cover the sound reproduction in different frequencies. This ensures a very clear and appealing sound, while a loudspeaker would otherwise reproduce the entire frequency range alone.

An active shelf speaker is the right purchase for powerful sound reproduction performance. You connect this separately to the current and get better sound characteristics and a stronger performance due to the additional power. The shelf speaker works passively in a different way, as you simply connect it to your Hi-Fi system and benefit directly from the sound reproduction.

Otherwise always order your Hi-Fi shelf speakers as a pair from auna. Close you want to make sure that the stereo sound reproduction is perfect and makes the most of your music material. Contributes actively to this by positioning the speakers correctly. Small bookshelf speakers belong at the height of your ears and should be placed far enough apart for the stereo effect to be heard to its best advantage.

Order speakers and other Hi-Fi accessories online

If you want to buy powerful shelf speakers and expect a fair price, you've come to the right place in this category of auna Our wide range of music systems and associated audio technology covers the preferences of all music fans. Browse through our offer yourself and find suitable shelf loudspeakers with which you can equip your living room or any other room systematically and to a high standard.

If you have any questions about a passive or active shelf loudspeaker from our range, we will be happy to help you personally. Otherwise you will find technical information in all articles, which will show you the suitability for your audio system. Complemented by a hi-fi subwoofer or a 2.1/5.1 sound system, you can not only enjoy music but also enhance your sound experience in your home cinema. We combine our selected technology around sound reproduction online with attractive order prices!

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