Auna cassette players: where the past meets the future

Although several years have passed since the advent of digital media, compact cassettes - also known as cassette tapes or audio cassettes - have never completely disappeared, and similarly to turntables the fascination of traditional tapes seems to stand the test of time. Are you looking for a cassette player to take on a trip or to let your little ones listen to the songs that accompanied your childhood and adolescence and that are now accumulating dust in your basement? Here you are in the right place, and in auna's online shop you will find the right one for you.

Check our product gallery and choose from a wide range of models, from portable tape players and recorders to more powerful devices playing CDs, reading SD cards and offering Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet. Don’t miss our offers and purchase an auna cassette player for a listening experience that combines the charm of tradition with the latest music playback technology. Regardless of whether the cassette player is a nostalgic classic from your childhood, or you are just looking for a robust tape player for the road or for everyday use, on auna you will always find the right model. Our cassette players and Ghetto blasters combine sound and style, looking as good as they sound.

Why buy a cassette player?

The special feature of a cassette player is that it can reproduce sound in a completely analogue way, with a number of limitations that have been overcome by the introduction of digital. What has just been said may seem a contradiction, but the imperfections of reproduction typical of magnetic tapes are particularly appreciated by those who consider digital media too aseptic in terms of timbre and sound characteristics, despite their absolute hi-fidelity. Some musicians appreciate analogue sources to the point of creating high-definition digital copies for later inclusion in their musical compositions.

There is another important aspect to consider, namely the physicality of the medium. As with vinyl, cassette tapes have a very special charm, which is in stark contrast to the immateriality of the files contained in digital storage devices. For many music lovers who wink at tradition, this is a central issue, and for music collectors, tapes can have a great emotional value, like vinyl. For this reason, a cassette player is an iconic device, often found in the homes of audiophiles who prefer the warm, 'imperfect' sound of a cassette and a tape player to the 'coolness' of digital media such as CD. Vintage cassette recorders and portable tape recorders

Cassette players for children and for adults

Long before Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones, you could find boomboxes in nearly every household. Besides the kitchen radios and the hi fi systems, they were easily the best recipe for good sound. And because modern speakers sound so much better today, small tape recorders and players are now ideal for a pleasant sound experience you can enjoy at home as well as on the go. Special cassette players for children perfectly capture the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s and offer child-friendly operation and good sound. Depending on the model, the small all-arounders can play cassettes, CDs and even mp3s (via USB) with many functions, making them just as suitable for current standards as for long-forgotten mixtapes.

A special case in point are our vintage cassette players, whose look perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic spirit of the 80s and 90s; they are an ideal solution for listening to any occasion, extremely easy to use even by children and depending on the model, these versatile all-rounder devices are equipped with a CD player and a USB port for connecting pen drives and playing MP3s. They are therefore a complete, low-cost solution for listening to music from a variety of media and for recording tapes, and some models are equipped with a microphone, so you can also perform with your voice and improvise a karaoke with your children; thanks to the recording function you’ll be able to stage your own voice, to record everything on tape and dub it over again, listening to yourself several times.

And as a portable tape player, the fun even goes on trips, with a retractable handle, and thanks to their lightweight size, portable cassette players are your ideal companion for being out and about. But also for journalistic purposes, reports, interviews or at home voice recordings, auna offers you the perfect cassette recorder. Auna portable recording devices are small, elegant, easy to operate and offer excellent quality for recording and playback, and they are ideal for daily use.

Buy the right cassette player

Are you looking for an opportunity for your children to hear the radio dramas of your childhood? Or do you want a cassette tape player in order to practice your lecture? Maybe you are also looking for a cassette recorder with CD- and mp3-functionality? In our assortment, you will find cassette recorders for recording and playing in different sizes and for different purposes. The cassette might not be as popular as analogue support as it was in the 80s and 90s, but thanks to its flexibility and nostalgic value, it is still the best of today.

With modern designs or the sweet look of a retro boombox, an auna cassette deck are perfect for bringing the right sound, in the desired design, to your home. Combined with the attractive prices, additional functions such as USB inputs or radio reception, you have a rare opportunity with our cassette tape recorders: choose the model that best fits you, and bring back the sound and memories of your childhood with the latest technology of our devices!

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