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The mixtape is coming back - with the cassette recorder from auna

Regardless of whether the cassette recorder is a nostalgic classic from your childhood, or you are just looking for a robust player for the road or for your little ones, with us you will always find the right model. Our cassette recorder, portable recording devices and Ghetto blaster from auna combine sound and style together to make it sound as good as it looks in your home.

Cassette recorder for children and for adults

Before there were Bluetooth boxes in every room, and before earphones became wireless, you could find boomboxes in nearly every household. Besides the kitchen radio and the stereo system, they were easily the best recipe for good sound. And because modern active speakers sound so much better today, the small recorders and players are now ideal for a pleasurable sound experience at home and on the go. Special cassette recorders for children perfectly capture the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s and offer child-friendly operation and good sound. Depending on the model, the small all-arounders can play cassettes, CDs and even mp3s (via USB) with many functions, making them just as suitable for current standards as for the mixtapes from the attic. As a cassette recorder with a microphone, our models moreover offer you and your kids the opportunity to stage your own voice. And your singing escapades can then easily be recorded on tape and be dubbed over again - if the third did not quite sit. And as a portable tape recorder, the fun even goes on trips, with a retractable handle, and thanks to their light weight, the recorders are the ideal companion for being out and about, and they even have a powerful sound system, for when the phone has long since had no battery left. But also for journalistic purposes, reports, interviews or at home voice recordings, auna offers the perfect recorder. Portable recording devices from auna are small, elegant, easy to use and offer excellent quality. These compact cassette recorders for recording and playback are ideal for daily use.

Buy the right cassette recorder

Are you looking for an opportunity for your children to hear the radio dramas of your childhood? Or do you want a recording device in order to practice your lecture? Maybe you are also looking for a cassette recorder with CD- and mp3-functionality? In our assortment you will find cassette recorders for recording and playing in different sizes and for different purposes. The cassette might not be as popular as an analogue record as it was in the 80s and 90s, but thanks to its flexibility and nostalgic value, it is still the best of today. With modern designs or the sweet look of a retro boombox, the auna cassette decks are perfect for bringing the right sound, in the desired design, to your home. Combined with the attractive prices, additional functions such as USB inputs or radio reception, you have a rare opportunity with our cassette recorders: You bring back the sound and memories of your childhood with the latest technology!

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