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Portable record player - when vinyl always travels with you

Only a few years ago, many would have bet on the definitive disappearance of vinyl records and turntables, swept away by the advent of new digital technologies for music reproduction. Not only has this prediction turned out to be profoundly wrong, but today we are witnessing a significant return of the vinyl fashion, also thanks to the availability of affordable reproduction equipment, to enjoy the warm and authentic sound that only this support can guarantee.

Do you want to wipe the dust off your vinyls that were left on on your shelves for years, or maybe in the basement, and design and appealing aesthetics also matter to you? The portable record players you can find in the auna online shop are a practical, versatile and budget solution. Take a look at the various models we offer: our vintage turntables stand out for their excellent build quality and nice retro look, which combines nostalgia for the past with today's best technology.

The timeless design of our vintage portable record players

Choosing to use a turntable in the MP3 and CD era already means being a bit 'old-fashioned’; in addition to this, in order to meet the demands of lovers of retro taste, we created different vintage portable record players with an imaginative design, delight not only the ear but also the eye, thanks to their distinguished look.

If you are looking for the maximum visual impact for your home, our Graceland jukebox are a real gem that will not come unperceived, allowing you to play different media formats, from CDs to cassette tapes, as well as being equipped with radio tuner and Bluetooth connectivity. They are therefore the optimal choice when, as an alternative to the traditional audio system, you need a complete and impressive solution for home audio without using several separate components.

For vintage lovers and old radio fans , our Belle Epoque retro stereos are available in different configurations, allowing you to use an FM tuner and in some models also DAB+ radio, CD player USB interface, in addition to the hide-away turntable located under the cover. For a more compact solution, instead, our 60s style suitcase vinyl players are just what yo need. Small in size and extremely robust, thanks to their heavy-duty handles and hinges, these practical retro record players can be easily transported anywhere.

Whether you have a special gift in mind for a vinyl enthusiast, or are planning a party at a friend's house, an auna portable record player will always be a great companion to take with you, as a convenient plug & play solution for instant musical entertainment. Choose the colour and type of finish that best suits your taste: the models in the Peggy Sue series, for example, are available in silver, black with gold, red, blue or brown finishes, and their appearance is reminiscent of an old 1960s style suitcase. And why not choose one of our retro record cases, that can hold up to 30 vinyls, adding further charm to the device by creating a combo set with your retro turntable?

Retro look and modern functionality in our suitcase vinyl players

Don't be misled by their old-fashioned appearance: our portable record players are small concentrates of technology designed to keep up with the times and be used with the latest audio equipment. First and foremost, thanks to their built-in speakers , your auna vintage portable turntable will simply need a power socket to start playing your vinyl. Simply plug in the power supply, put the record on the deck and place the needle. You can choose rotation speed of 33, 45 or even 78 rpm; there’s no problem with compatibility, even with your older records.

If you want to listen to your vinyl with more powerful speakers, you can use the line output of our portable turntables ancd connect it to the AUX input of your hi fi system: as modern amplifiers are not always provided with a specific input for turntables, we decided to equip our vintage turntables with an internal preamplifier, which processes the output signal allowing its use even with equipment that don’t feature a dedicated phono stage. What makes our portable record players really ahead of times, however, is the presence of a USB port, which allows direct connection to your PC; in a few steps you can easily digitize your records using a common audio editing program, and bring your favourite tracks with you at all times, conveniently sotring them as MP3s or on a CD.

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