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For your hi fi system, choose auna for quality and convenience

A powerful hi-fi system delivers excellent sound quality and absolute musical pleasure. The models that auna offers for your home stereo system are impressive for their modern technology and versatility: to meet every need, we propose a range of different solutions within which you can easily find a stereo system suitable for your needs, including professional home audio systems with multiple components. Browse our showcase selection now and order your hi fi system directly online, taking advantage of the best price.

A home stereo system with the highest audio quality

In our online shop you can find professional hi-fi systems with different features, all able to meet your needs; all models come with a CD player and radio receiver, but if you use mobile devices a lot to play your music, you can choose a stereo system with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to quickly and easily connect smartphones, desktops or tablets and stream audio contents with extremely high quality. Additional interfaces, such as traditional line inputs and USB ports to play mp3 music directly from your pen drive complete the many connection options of our different models.

An additional advantage is the remote control navigation option, which is available in our home audio systems. Our hi-fi systems are also visually appealing, and you can choose between models with metal and wood chassis, always finding the right device for every taste. Thanks to their attractive design, our hi fi systems will catch the eye, enhancing the entire interior design.

Professional hi-fi systems with loudspeakers and amplifiers

Are you interested in a coordinated hi-fi set? In our online shop, you can find what you need, with a good choice of sets with passive floor standing speakers and stereo amplifiers. Details such as gold-plated contacts and removable covers enrich the overall quality of our speakers, and our bass-reflex cabinets offer impressive sound for music playback, delivering extra punch for all low-frequencies lovers. And all our products are supplied with the corresponding cables, allowing easy installation and immediate use.

From hi-fi mini systems to complete hi-fi sets, we cater for all your home audio needs

When you go to choose a hi-fi system model for your home, the different functions serve as significant orientation. These include, among others, the power in watts and the supported file systems. Other features, such as the presence of an FM radio tuner, optimally complement the various functions. If you're looking for a system that's the right size for your premises, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our online shop: from large sets to hi fi micro systems, our selection covers all possibilities.

Is it expensive to buy a Hi Fi system?

When buying HiFi equipment, many people think you have to pay a very high price. The reality is different: you can get a crystal clear hi fidelity sound without buying expensive products, as long as you do your research before.

When talking about hi fidelity, you can find equipment with all kinds of prices, but it should be kept in mind that more expensive is not necessarily synonymous with better, considering that personal listening needs can be very different. Below we will show you some main features to pay attention to make the right choice.

Which formats can be read by the hi fi system?

It is a mistake to think that to enjoy a good sound you just need to buy a hi-fi system. Music, and especially its format, is important. If you plan to play mainly mp3 files, i.e. a compressed format with a consistent loss of quality due to the smaller storage space required, is it really important to invest on expensive speakers that would not be tapped to their full potential?

For the ultimate listening experience, you should of course choose media offering the best playback quality, such as (original) CDs for example. If you are a fan of the warm sound typical of analogue media, on the other hand, you should go for a hi-fi system with a dedicated phono input, especially if you own an old generation record player. On the other hand, many modern turntables have a line output, and for this reason they can be connected straight to the amplifier line input, without requiring the use of a special phono stage.

Besides paying attention to the format, you’ll need compatible software to play these audio files. If you play the music from a mobile phone, tablet or computer it is important to pay attention to this detail, because the music must sound like the file, which from digital will be transformed into analogue format.

A key component of any HiFi device is the DAC or Digital-to-Analog Converter. This is a chip placed on the main board, and it plays the crucial role to convert the digital signal to analogue. Each DAC has a specific stamp that translates the zeros and ones of the digital file into a faithful representation in the form of sound waves. You have to pay a lot of attention to this element every time you buy audio equipment; whether a speaker, headphones or even a mobile phone, the DAC is always there, and if the quality of signal conversion is low, this will result in poor playback quality.


Once the signal has been converted to analogue, it must be amplified, that is, boosted. This process must be done appropriately according to your audio equipment so that the track is not distorted. In other words, the sound must not be blurred or coloured.

Colouring the sound means adding tones and details to the original audio track. Does the track sound too low in parts where it shouldn't? Then the amplifier is not doing its job properly. Some manufacturers deliberately aim at this result, to enhance certain frequencies, but the amplifier's goal, in theory, is to provide as linear and natural a response as possible.

Our support, to choose the best hi-fi system for your home

Auna hi-fi systems combine advanced technology and aesthetic design. The result is the convergence between a fascinating sound experience and visual added value. Do you have questions about a compact system, a hi-fi system or other devices in our product gallery? We will be happy to help you with a personal consultation and support you with advice from our experts. You can contact our friendly support team at any time, either by phone or email. After selecting a hi fi mini system or another model, your order can be easily completed.

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