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Stereo Systems & Mini HiFi Systems

auna stereo systems and mini HiFi systems

Music lovers and film fans usually prefer to play sound over a larger stereo system. In the era of Internet streaming and smartphones, traditional hi-fi systems are still in demand. They allow you to enjoy a traditional music experience combined with modern connections. Such as WLAN or Bluetooth, thus opening a new world of listening possibilities.

If you want to buy a stereo system, you've just landed in the right place. We offer you a wide range of mini stereo systems and larger HiFisystems with turntable at a fair price. All you have to do is browse our product galleries and buy conveniently online the best HiFi system for your needs.

Whats’s the best stereo system for your needs?

Before purchasing a compact system or a music system, you should ask yourself what you expect in terms of music playback. But also consider the primary source you’ll use to play your music. Depending on your needs you can choose a home audio system offering one or more of the following features:

  • classical sound carriers such as records, cassettes or CDs
  • music playback from a USB stick
  • connection to the music files on your Smartphone/Tablet
  • use of streaming services such as Spotify
  • listening to radio, internet radio or podcasts

If you often stream music, a wireless connection is essential. A stereo system with Bluetooth is the contemporary classic to connect your system. And this without tedious wiring with speakers and storage media of your music files. If you are mainly interested in music streaming, podcasts and internet radio, you could just opt for a digital radio.

Microsystems can guarantee high-quality music playback. Larger stereo systems are the right choice for traditional music lovers, who like to dust off their old cassettes or records. With one of auna Hifi compact systems, you can fulfil these wishes with a relatively small investment. You will also find the stereo systems with a CD player that marked the beginning of the digital music age.

In addition to a Bluetooth system or DAB+ compact system, most of our home stereo systems also offer traditional cable connection. Via the AUX socket and cabled connections, you can use any playback device to connect your retro stereo system to loudspeakers. However, we recommend that you avoid the tedious laying of cables and go for models with Bluetooth connectivity.

Our stereo and mini hifi systems

Do you want to know more about the features and advantages of individual music systems in our shop? Here’s a quick overview of our most important models to ensure optimal music enjoyment:

  • Stereo systems with CD player: CDs are still the most common media for music and audiobooks, at least when audio content is not streamed. Old-generation music lovers will probably continue to buy CDs as gifts or for their musical enjoyment. A compact system with integrated CD player fulfils these need, allowing to play the silver with first-class quality. Of course, an integrated CD player does not exclude streaming and other types of music playback.
  • Stereo systems with record player: Records are an iconic object and a big classic among sound carriers. Even the most recent albums continue to be released on vinyl. For example as a musical basis for DJs in clubs worldwide. A compact system with turntable allows to listen to music in its most original form. Real music fans also love to search for old records at flea markets around the world. They play them enjoy their distinctive crackle on their HiFi system.
  • Stereo systems with Bluetooth: Whether a large loudspeaker or smartphone. You can connect a stereo system with Bluetooth to many other devices in a matter of seconds and. The worldwide standard for wireless connectivity helps to play music from multiple sources. A Bluetooth system can of course still be operated with audio cables. It depends on the model, if you want to establish a connection to non-Bluetooth devices.

The right music system for every occasion

A sound system for home is an attractive purchase for anyone who regularly listens to music or watches movies at home. Playback via a more extensive surround sound system including loudspeakers ensures better playback quality than via the smartphone or computer boxes. The simple, wireless connection of the devices allows to improve any home cinema experience substantially.

At auna you'll also find mini HiFi specifically designed to be used by children. From radio broadcasts to children's songs. Boys and girls are increasingly listening to music since the earliest age. They have a growing familiarity with cassettes, CDs and other media.

Children generally do not have smartphones and internet access. So a children's stereo system is ideal for immersing them in the multifaceted world of music. A mini hi-fi or digital radio with internet access is also perfect for radio enthusiasts. It allows them to tune into stations from the four corners of the globe. So you can discover the latest music trends on the planet, without geographical limits.

Save space, with our mini hifi systems

When buying a stereo system, the available space in your apartment is an essential purchase criterion. For small apartments or your student dormitory, a microsystem is ideal. Despite the small dimensions, these systems are powerful enough to ensure perfect music micro HiFi systems are a bit larger. They can reproduce the most common media. In case you want to dust off your records, you can and also opt for a stereo with turntable.

Of course, the same considerations also apply to the placement of the loudspeakers of your stereo system. State-of-the-art audio technology ensures that even compact speakers achieve first-class sound quality. Of course, you will also find the matching speakers at auna. These even in small living rooms contribute to a great musical enjoyment. You can also use a Bluetooth system with headphones to listen to your favourite music without being annoyed by outside noises.

Get the most out of your mini HiFi

You want to get the most out of your compact Hi-Fi system or larger stereo system with CD player? Find the best location to place your speakers. For optimum surround sound, the speakers should be as far apart as possible and at the ear level of the listener.

This is an important aspect for film fans, for example when setting up a full Dolby Surround system. The more loudspekers you use for your home audio system, the more practical it is to connect them via Bluetooth. Skip the annoying wiring-up phase.

If you have decided for a retro stereo system, don't forget to carry out the maintenance of your musical supports. Dust and dirt are a problem for the CD player’s laser and the turntable and disturb the playback. Clean these parts of your audio equipment with a dry and dust-free cloth. That you can enjoy your music in the long term.

Stereo system for sale

Would you like to buy a stereo system? And present it to music and film lovers as a creative Christmas present?

On auna you can find countless, great gift ideas at a fair price. From mini stereo systems to the compact systems with turntable. Dive into the diverse world of music with our devices. Find quickly the right thing from retro stereo systems to high-tech models!

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