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Karaoke, what an invention! Since it began to spread around the ’80s and ’90s, karaoke has established itself as a craze. That has never waned in popularity. It plays on a simple principle: everyone loves music, and many want to try their hand at interpreting their favourite songs.

With sometimes surprising results, when someone proves to be good at it. Or hilarious, when improvised singers, amidst various off-key and mispronunciations, cause general amusement among their small audience of friends.

Very often we think of karaoke as a little show or pastime to be enjoyed in a club. Have you ever thought of bringing all the fun of karaoke directly into your home? At auna you can find the best karaoke machine for your needs. You can turn every party into a classic Ichiban room and reveal the hidden talents of children and adults.

Do you need a stand alone solution, or a karaoke machine that connects to tv is just enough? Browse our product gallery, buy conveniently online with no shoipping costs, and let the fun begin!

Plug it in, switch it on, sing along! Our karaoke machines

Having a karaoke at home is a great way to have fun alone or with your relatives and friends. If you like to try your hand at it, you might also find a way to practice and improve your singing. And this without feeling the pressure of judgement from others.

A great idea, but how much will it cost? At first glance, it would seem a lot, if you think of the equipment: speakers, microphone, screen for reading the verses, cables, mixer, base music player. Not to mention the space to house all these instruments. In reality, on auna you can find complete karaoke machines offering a practical and economical solution for your singing needs.

We designed our home karaoke systems using the same solutions as cheap DJ consoles. auna karaoke machines are also all-in-one, containing everything you need, in a convenient format and very little space. There is no need to dismantle and reassemble the system on every occasion, as everything is available in a compact size, and you can transport your karaoke set from one place to another. Travelling easily with your karaoke system will make you a sure bet for evenings with friends.

How does a karaoke player work?

As we already mentioned, auna karaoke sets are plug and play solutions; there is, therefore, no need to buy extra accessories, because nothing is needed to complete our karaoke systems. What's more, each element is housed in a compact structure, which has the advantage of taking up little space and being easy to transport. The main components making up a karaoke system are the music player, microphone(s), screen and speakers. Let's specify, for each of these devices and tools, peculiarities and functions.

The player is used to play backing tracks. It is important to ensure that it can read the most common digital audio formats. The best choice is an MP3 player, making it easier to find music files. Which can often be downloaded free of charge.

Remember that when you buy a system, it comes with a rather limited selection of tracks. The microphone is the tool for singing and can be wired or wireless. A bluetooth karaoke machine is extremely, as it will allow you greater flexibility to connect it to your HiFi system for increased playback power.

The screen offers synchronised text display. In a karaoke machine for tv, especially the smaller ones, the screen function is performed by an external device (TV, computer or tablet) via a special connection.

The speakers play a blend of sounds from the music track mixed with your vocal performance. To achieve a satisfactory playback quality, our karaoke machines feature good-quality speakers, combining compact size and strong output power. Be careful not to overdo the volume, especially at certain times of day, so as not to disturb your neighbours or damage your equipment due to excessive distortion.

When it comes to our most complete karaoke players, you’ll find some interesting additional features. A karaoke machine with screen, for example, makes tv connection unnecessary, as you'll be able to read the lyrics directly from it. The screen turns it into the ultimate portable karaoke machine.

Some offer, the possibility to equalise the sound. Improving the listening quality, and some devices allow you to slow down or speed up the song that’s being played. Which are exciting modes to use while practising.

To achieve good vocal performance levels, the presence of a pitch altering device is essential. It is not necessarily the case that a good interpretation has to be a simple copy of the original. Very often it is enough to vary the pitch to suit our vocal needs to achieve excellent results.

All professional singers, when asked to perform pieces from other repertoires, ask their musicians to perform them in the key they prefer. Some of our karaoke systems are also equipped with a disco lighting set.

auna karaoke sets: compact and easy to use

Originating from the Land of the Rising Sun, karaoke (roughly “no orchestra” in Japanese) has found great success in our latitudes. But it’s not just in bars with big stages that you can be the real star of the party. But also in your own home, at a birthday party or t clubs and restaurants.

Any karaoke system by auna will not just enable you to do that. But also to get great sound performance in a compact package featuring appealing design, easy operation and a high-quality microphone. Using the dynamic microphone makes performing karaoke a breeze. Because you don’t have to worry about complicated electronics or sort out microphone wiring.

It’s easy to plug wired microphones into our karaoke machines, and wireless microphones will connect to their base system automatically.

Buy karaoke machine for adults and kids

In our selection, you’ll find the right karaoke set for your celebrations. So you can just let loose with a song on your lips. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a large professional system for the stage. Or maybe a karaoke machine for kids to use at an upcoming birthday party.

Our small karaoke systems are extremely light and portable so that you can take them anywhere anytime. Despite its compact size, even a small cd karaoke machine provides excellent sound, and the right CD will turn your favourite songs into real party hits.

Our kids karaoke machines don’t just offer cheerful design with popping colours and bright lights and sturdy construction. Our childrens karaoke machines also fun and easy to use. Of course, larger sets from auna provide better stability and even more features.

This allows you to find the perfect karaoke machine for bars, restaurants or company parties. Stable, easy to set up and with professional audio quality. Thanks to the devices’ integrated displays, even beginners will have an easy start.

Of course, you can make your karaoke set even more mobile, faster and more dynamic with the tablet holder. Which turns your iPad into a screen. This way, when it comes to song selection, your imagination will have no bounds—other than your singing skills.

Kick up even more of a party mood by picking a set with built-in LEDs. This makes your karaoke night a real eye-catcher.

Be a karaoke star - no orchestra required!

With auna's karaoke machines, you’ll turn even the smallest stage into a real Ichibanroom. With their rich sound, our systems help compensate for lacking vocal talent by offering a fun time for all. After all, karaoke is a hobby that anyone can enjoy, from school children to retirees. And this is what our karaoke machines stand for.

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