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Karaoke for your home - auna karaoke machines for your party sound

Like to sing a little ditty at home? Want to be the heart of the party? No problem for a karaoke machine from auna. Our machines turn every party into a classic ichiban room and reveal the hidden talents of children, adults — even your boss and mother-in-law.

Plug it in, switch it on, sing along! - Plug and play with the karaoke machine from auna

Originating from the Land of the Rising Sun, karaoke (roughly “no orchestra” in Japanese) has really found great success in our latitudes. But it’s not just in bars with big stages that you can be the real star of the party, but also in your own home, at a birthday party or at clubs and restaurants. Any karaoke system by auna will not just enable you to do that, but also to get great sound performance in a compact package featuring appealing design, easy operation and a high-quality microphone. Using the dynamic microphone makes performing karaoke a breeze because you don’t have to worry about complicated electronics or sorting out microphone wiring. It’s easy to plug wired microphones into the karaoke system, and wireless microphones will connect to their base system automatically.

Buy the perfect machine system for children’s rooms, on the road or at home

In our selection, you’ll find the right karaoke set for your celebrations and can just let loose with a song on your lips. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a big professional system for the stage or if you want to offer karaoke for children at an upcoming birthday party. Our small karaoke systems are very light and portable, so you can take them anywhere anytime. Despite their compact size, even our small units have great sound, and the right CD will turn your favorite songs into real party hits. To please the little ones, our karaoke systems for children don’t just offer cheerful design with popping colors and bright lights and sturdy construction, they’re also fun and easy to use. Of course, larger sets from auna offer even better stability and more features. This allows you to find the perfect karaoke machine for bars, restaurants or company parties: stable, easy to set up and featuring professional audio. Thanks to the devices’ integrated displays, even beginners will have an easy start. Of course, you can make karaoke even more mobile, faster and more dynamic with the easy-to-use tablet holder, which turns your iPad into a screen. This way, when it comes to song selection, your imagination will have no bounds—other than your singing skills … Kick up even more of a party mood by picking a set with built-in LEDs to make your karaoke night a real eye-catcher.

Be a karaoke star - no orchestra required!

With auna's karaoke machines, you’ll turn even the smallest stage into an ichiban room. With their rich sound, compact layout, and intuitive operation, our systems help compensate for lacking vocal talent by offering a fun time for all. After all, karaoke is a hobby that anyone can enjoy, from schoolchildren to retirees — and this is what our karaoke machines stand for.

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