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You may spend several hundred euros to buy an ultra-flat smart TV with the highest resolution images, only to find that the audio system of the device leaves something to be desired. The ever decreasing thickness of modern televisions, in fact, also means smaller and smaller integrated speakers that are unable, due to their physical limitations, to meet the needs of the most demanding audience. In these cases, the purchase of a TV soundbar or a soundbase is the best solution when looking for an audio system that can approach the performance of a surround system.

With a soundbar, you can translate the sharp, captivating images of a modern flat screen into the sound it deserves. Auna soundbars are perfectly suited to the attractive design of modern TVs and, when mounted on the wall, they add an extra touch of elegance to the home entertainment area. Alternatively, you can choose one of our sound bases or soundbars with subwoofers for an even more immersive sound experience.

Soundbar vs sound base - the main differences

The term soundbar refers to cylindrical and slender audio speakers, specifically designed to be placed in front of the TV. When used with a wall-mounted TV, it can also be fixed on the wall: when buying an auna soundbar, you’ll always find the wall mounting kit in the package. Compared to a cabled surround system, the soundbar offers advantages both from a practical point of view - only one cable is needed to attach it to the TV - and aesthetically, and there are also wireless models that allow you to connect to the TV via Bluetooth.

A sound base, on the other hand, is a larger and deeper bar, with a reinforced shell, designed to act as a base for the TV, especially when the latter is equipped with a central stand. Due to their larger size, sound bases offer a slightly higher sound output than soundbars, taking advantage of their construction features and increased volume to use bigger and more powerful speakers.

The choice between soundbar and sound base is not an easy one, and should be considered not only in terms of space but also according to the usage. If you have an ultra-flat wall-mounted TV, a soundbar with integrated or separate subwoofer is almost a must, so that you can easily follow the dialogues of the films you see. On the other hand, if you have enough space and you are looking for a more versatile solution that can, eventually, also replace your stereo system and turn your TV into a digital hub to connect several playback devices, buying a sound base is certainly a smart move.

Some reasons to buy a soundbar

Devices such as soundbars are used in an increasing number of homes, but also in other situations. What are typically the reasons for buying one?
  • To improve the sound of your TV: the most common use of this type of device is to improve the sound quality and volume of a TV. Thanks to the large number of speakers with different frequencies and power range, soundbars allow you to hear voices and all sounds more clearly, as well as avoiding annoying volume increases during advertisements.

  • To install a home cinema in your home: if you love movies or series, nothing beats a good 5.1-channel surround soundbar. This 5.1 soundbar projects sound waves across the room, bouncing them off the walls and you'll hear sounds from all sides, feeling like you're in the theatre, without actually leaving your living room.

  • To listen to music: many sound bars have a wireless connection via wifi or bluetooth and can be used as external music players. Simply activate the Bluetooth on your mobile phone (or any other device) and the sound bar will connect automatically. You’ll be impressed by the excellent quality and playback volume.

  • As party sound systems: if you regularly invite friends or have a patio or garden where you celebrate birthdays and barbecues, a sound bar is the perfect option to play music and impress your guests with the volume and sound quality they can generate.

Soundbar or 5.1 sound system?

Whether you'd prefer a classic soundbar or a classic 5.1 surround system is up to you, of course. Both have their pros and cons. Still, the biggest advantage of a soundbar is how easy it is to set up - all you have to do is place the it under your TV, and you'll be able to enjoy amazing sound right away. That sound will be even more powerful with a larger sound base, but that does also take up a bit more space. Deciding on whether you want a bar or a base essentially comes down to the size of your TV, your TV table and how much space you have available. But getting a soundbar from auna doesn't mean giving up on thumping bass - a model with subwoofer means you can enjoy full 2.1 speaker sound as well as that powerful bass. With the right TV or projector, it means a real cinema experience right in your living room.

Find the right soundbar for your needs in our online shop

As always, our store offers you the right combination of performance and price, which auna is known and stands for. You don't have to empty your wallet to find the right soundbar that will instantly take your living room's sound to the next level. If you want to buy your new soundbar from auna, you'll also be able to install it in a few simple steps. And because our products fit perfectly on your TV table or your wall, and the wider sound bases and subwoofers are always a good look, your new sound system will look just as good in your living room as it sounds. So don't compromise on sound, and enjoy your favourite movies, stream the greatest new shows or play the best games enjoying breathtaking sound.

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