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Wireless headphones - enjoy top sound quality with auna


There’s a good reason why today's Bluetooth headsets and wireless headsets enjoy increasing popularity; in addition to the excellent playback quality guaranteed by high-quality electronic components, these devices offer maximum comfort and avoid the hassle of using cables that are often subject to rapid wear and tear.

auna wireless headphones are extremely versatile in use and serve as a perfect playback device in combination with computers, tablets, smartphones or next-generation hi-fi systems offering Bluetooth connectivity. But that's not all. Thanks to the line input, they can be used without problems with older devices without wireless technology to play your favourite music. If you are looking for gaming headphones, for sports and leisure or to watch TV without disturbing those already asleep at night, take a look at our product gallery, and find the wireless headphones that suit you best.

Headphone types and shapes: in-ear, over-ear, on-ear

From a physical point of view, there are basically three types of headphones, each of which is characterized by its size and shape concerning the ear cup and the way it interacts physically and acoustically with our hearing. We all have different ear cups, and as a result, some headphones differ in design. Some can be very comfortable for some people, while for others they can be extremely uncomfortable. The way they are used will be a determining factor in making the right choice.

  • in-ear headphones
    In-ear headphones are designed to be inserted into the ear. They isolate from external sound, improve sound quality and are small. It should be noted that there are two types of in-ear headphones: classic in-ear headphones and headphones with an in-ear insert: the former are positioned inside the ear canal input, and have no way to be sealed; all such earphones are considered open. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, are inserted into the ear canal and are therefore considered closed.

  • over-ear and on-ear headphones
    Over-ear (or circumaural) and on-ear (or supra-aural) headphones have many similarities. The main difference is that the former rest on the head, while the latter rest on the ear, so they isolate less from outside noise and offer less deep bass. On the other hand, they are smaller and more comfortable to carry around. If you are looking for professional sound quality, over-ear headphones are one of the best options.

Circumaural headsets surround the ear and, when closed, make for almost complete sound isolation, creating a more natural feel of the stereo field and a more linear and precise reproduction of sound frequencies. Since circumaural headphones rest around the ears with the transducer positioned close to the ear, but without touching it, they provide a closer reproduction (compared to other types of headphones) than the way we naturally hear the sound. These types of headphones are used in the professional field, for example for audio mastering, editing and indoor recording, for sound editing when there no total isolation of the editing room is available, such as in a home studio. Of course, they are also perfect for DJs.

In on-ear headphones, the ear pads rest on the outside of the ear cup. They are smaller and lighter, making them easier to carry, and are very suitable for use with mobile devices. Because this type of headset rests on the folds and ridges of the ear, the sound insulation is less than that of circumaural headphones, and there is greater variability in bass response.

Open headphones and closed headphones

The transducers are the fundamental element of headphones; they transform energy, and in the case of headphones, they convert the audio signal into sound . In general, the sound quality of a pair of headphones is related to the size of the speaker, the area where the speaker and the other electronic components of the headphones are stored. The larger the size of the headphone, the better the performance in terms of frequency, power, sensitivity and impedance. On auna you can find a wide range of headphones that guarantee a clear and powerful sound.

Closed headphones have a closed chamber behind the transducer that seals the sound. They provide isolation from outside noise, so they can also be used in noisy environments; a very useful feature for DJs, music production, in-studio recordings, to mix live sound and generally to isolate from the outside environment. Moreover, closed headphones usually enhance the low frequencies of the sound because the space between the diaphragm and the tympanic membrane is "closed". They are also ideal for field recordings (soundscapes or outdoor recordings) as they are completely isolated from external noise.

Open earphones, on the other hand, allow sound to exit from the back of the earphone through the ear cup. The open headphone architecture leads to a more natural sound, thanks to less colouration than closed models. This is largely due to the minimization of standing waves and reflections. They also offer a better response to transients (how quickly the transducer can react to changes in the source material). Due to the lower pressure on the back of the transducer, it can react faster to changes in the signal. This improves accuracy and ensures that even sounds at a lower volume can be heard clearly. The main advantage of open earphones is that they offer more comfort, because the pressure exerted on the ear area is lighter.

Bluetooth headphones: move freely enjoying crystal-clear sound


After choosing the headset format that best suits your use and needs, the next step is to figure out the best connection type to your playback device. Compared to traditional wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets offer a much more comfortable connection and are therefore perfect when you are looking for more freedom of movement, for example when you move around listening to music on your mobile phone or when you play sports: they allow you to move within 10 meters from the source device


Bluetooth connectivity compresses the audio signal that the player sends to the headset, which means that some data is inevitably lost during transmission, affecting the playback quality. Although compression has been greatly improved with the advent of the aptX HD codecs, Bluetooth headsets cannot yet match the excellence provided by the wired connection that allows to faithfully transmit all the audio information provided by the player. However, don’t forget that some Bluetooth headsets can also be used with a cable when the battery runs out, making them a much more versatile option. With them, you can choose between the comfort of a wireless headset and the ability to connect them via cable for maximum sound quality.

Another fundamental aspect to consider before purchasing is the battery life of your Bluetooth headset, remembering that the more limited it is, the more often you will need to charge it to keep it working.

Wireless headphones to get rid of background noise

The buzz of people talking, the annoying noise of the train, the horns and the hum of the surrounding traffic; many background interferences can disturb you while listening to your favourite song. In our online shop, you'll find quality over-ear and under-ear headphones designed to ensure an optimal listening experience in all situations. Thanks to the composition of their material and the smart active noise cancellation (ANC) function, which is deactivated when the battery level is low, our Bluetooth headphones can block up to 85% of annoying background noise, using microphones that pick up the frequencies of external noise and emit a frequency that offsets them, creating total silence around you.

Active noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for long journeys and isolation in noisy environments such as inside a plane or train. This technology was developed to reduce the auditory stress of aviators who had to endure constant engine noise for long periods. By using a noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, you can isolate yourself from your surroundings and enjoy only the sound that is reproduced through headphones.

Attention! This, depending on the situation, can also be dangerous, for example, while walking on the street, as you won’t hear sirens, horns, whistles or other beeps that might warn you of the danger. That's why some of these headphones include ambient sound modes that reduce the level of isolation. Noise-cancelling headphones are not suitable for everyone, as some people find the feeling of artificial isolation unpleasant and cause "acoustic dizziness".

Ease of use is extreme, as they can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. When designing our models, however, we have not only thought about your comfort, but also that of those around you. To make sure that no one in your immediate vicinity is bothered by the music you listen to, the architecture of our wireless headphones allows you to minimize sound dispersion, blocking out sound efficiently.

Managing calls with wireless headphones


When the wireless headset is connected to your smartphone, you can play entire libraries or individual tracks, and thanks to the presence of a multi-purpose button you can easily manage your listening, pausing playback, enabling or disabling Bluetooth functions, and accepting or ending calls. On the right and left side there are additional buttons that you can use to adjust the volume or to move on to the next song; with a quick click you can select the song, and even easier will be to control the volume, using the control on the right headset, next to which you find the switch to activate the noise cancellation system. Our wireless headphones also support the AptX protocol, ensuring the best sound performance with a wireless connection.

What makes this type of headset really useful in everyday use is its ability to handle calls elegantly (accept and end calls, redial) and the ability to talk using the headset itself, which turns into a perfect hands-free kit thanks to the built-in microphone. Some auna headset models also offer NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity; thanks to this feature, which allows electronic devices to communicate when they are very close to each other, the wireless headset can be intuitively combined with a device that supports this technology, simply by touching the sensor. At the same time, the Elegance Multipairing feature allows you to connect two devices wirelessly and simultaneously.

For versatility and comfort, choose wireless headphones


Our over-ear headphones are characterized by their excellent fit, offering an unparalleled feeling of comfort, thanks to their adjustable, padded headband, which makes them soft and flexible. Practical to carry, they can be folded away when not in use, keeping space to a minimum.

In terms of battery performance, we wanted to walk the extra mile; the high-performance lithium-ion batteries that we mount on our models guarantee up to 14 hours of battery life, and when left in standby mode, the battery can last up to 540 hours. To charge our headphones, all you need is a USB port such as your mobile phone charger or laptop, but in situations where you need to save battery power, you can use our headphones by connecting them to your playback device via the 3.5mm jack cable supplied.

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