Vintage stereo system: modern sound with a retro look

Do you need to revamp your stereo system and you are looking for a different solution, able to get excellent playback quality and maximum versatility for music recorded on different media? Are you looking for an original product offering a stylish boost to your home decor? Before heading to flea markets or online forums in search of a used vintage stereo system, which could cost you a considerable amount of money and, potentially, need further repair because it doesn't work perfectly, take a look at our product gallery and let yourself be inspired by the elegant design of our solutions, specially designed for retro-style audio lovers.

Our hi fi vintage systems are created with the aim of combining a look of absolute appeal, inspired by early 19th century old-fashioned radios, jukeboxes and gramophones with the most modern features in terms of audio technology. A jukebox and vintage stereo system from auna can be a perfect hybrid between tradition and modernity, providing you with top-level performance and extreme ease of installation and use. Listening to your cassettes, dusting off old vinyl that you haven't listened to for years, or streaming music from your mobile devices turns into an entirely new experience that also catches the eye, due to the extreme care we put into designing our old-fashioned design vintage stereo systems. Take a look at our product gallery and discover the one that best suits your taste.

auna portable vintage stereo: your music and style, everywhere

In our selection of products you will find a wide range of solutions: among the portable devices we offer you elegant and practical portable record players inspired by the design of the 60s and ghetto blasters that in their lines will make you relive your teenage years and the spirit of the 80s. With our portable turntables, which we manufacture with great care for details and choosing durable materials, you can rely on durability and versatility for use on various occasions, from relaxing moments in your living room to a party at a friend's house.

Simply plug your vintage turntable into a power socket and rediscover the timeless sound of your old vinyl, thanks to the built-in speakers that all our models are equipped with. The RCA connector with line signal output also allows you to easily connect to your amplifier or home hi fi system to enjoy the sound with even better quality, without the need for a dedicated preamplifier or phono stage for further signal-processing.

Our vintage devices have a stylish old-fashioned look, but a modern heart. So, if you then want to transfer the contents of your records to a digital medium, the useful USB socket will allow you to connect our turntables directly to your computer in no time: so, don’t miss the chance to digitise your favourite songs and burn them to CD or create playlists on your mobile phone or mp3 player to take them with you at all times. The operation of our turntables is fully automatic, with independent stop and start system, for maximum ease of use; just put the disc on the table and select the start of playback. Once the last track has finished, the arm will raise itself, returning to its initial position, thus protecting the needle for maximum durability. Could vinyl listening be any easier than this?

Our ghetto Blaster Oldschool is a great little all-rounder, and thanks to its long-lasting battery operation, it is the ideal vintage stereo system to take your music with you at all times. In addition to reading different media formats, from CDs to mp3s, the Bluetooth connectivity makes it perfect as a playback device for audio contents streamed by your smartphone or tablet. The main feature of this model is undoubtedly the cheerful multi-led-light that makes the front panel shine with numerous colours, creating an 80's style atmosphere in the surrounding environment.

Vintage stereo systems for your home: be amazed by auna jukeboxes


Among our vintage home audio products you can find some of our best sellers that, no doubt, will delight any hardcore retro style lover. Halfway between a vintage stereo system and a true furnishing element adding a unique character to your home, our Belle Epoque and Graceland series can take you back in time, not only when listening to music. Our multifunctional Belle Epoque radio is actually much more than just a device for tuning in to your favourite station and is clearly inspired by the design of early 20th century radios, with its large tuning and volume knobs.

It is available in a variety of configurations; some models, under the cover of their wooden housing, hide a three-speed turntable, with a side slot to insert the cassette tapes: this allows you to rediscover the songs from your childhood and youth while enjoying superb sound quality, guaranteed by the two side speakers, embellished with fabric padding with gold-coloured finishes. The more advanced version, in addition to the classic FM tuner and CD player, is also equipped with a DAB+ receiver and features a practical front display where you can receive additional content made available through digital broadcasting.

If you're looking for the ultimate solution for your vintage stereo system, our Graceland bluetooth jukeboxes represent the best auna has to offer for vintage style audiophiles, and allow you to relive the atmosphere of an American 1950s diner thanks to their unmistakable look. Made of wood and enriched by the LED lights that can be used in static mode or with colour variations, our vintage jukeboxes are small concentrates of technology featuring USB interface and SD slot for the reproduction of music content from pen drives, as well as CD player and Bluetooth connectivity. For maximum versatility, they are also equipped with RCA outputs, allowing easy connection to your hi fi amplifier, as well as aux input to easily connect any other music playback device via a 3.5mm jack cable.

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