From 0 to 100% great sound – thanks to car speakers from auna

With an auna car stereo system, great sound only requires a little space and you especially profit wherever space is limited. Car speakers from auna provide you with uncompromisingly great sound on all your journeys and give you the choice of an appealingly subtle design or striking flamboyant colors. Here, you'll learn how to find the right bassbox for your car and why our shop brings the sound of a concert arena into compact cars.

Car subwoofers: Your car, your lifestyle, your sound

In order to truly enjoy your favorite music when you're on the road, volume alone is not enough. The sound level is actually less important than making full use of all the sound frequencies. This means that a subwoofer in your car takes on great importance, as a bassbox in your car will allow you to coax the optimal sound out of every song. Should you want to completely overhaul the sound in your car, you could buy a entire car speaker set. Or you could buy a car subwoofer from our store, which will immediately upgrade your existing system. The subwoofer is easy to install: It fits into the spare wheel recess or under the seat. As active subwoofers for cars are already equipped with integrated amplifiers, you won't even need an additional power amplifier. As a result, you only need a small amount of space available and the sound will still unfold across a large area. And even more interesting is the brilliant design of auna car speakers, which allows you to adapt the model to your own style. No matter whether you prefer illuminating LEDs, loud colors or inconspicuous black, our store has the car speaker box for every taste. All this auditory pleasure doesn't even require major changes. Just one small bass speaker in your car can deliver improved sound in a few simple steps.

Car speaker boxes: Easily installed and discreetly tucked away

A car speaker set from auna is not only a great addition to your car, but can also be the real star of the show. Our speaker boxes can be easily installed in your driver's cabin and will be barely visible in your car while you enjoy the full listening experience. This is the case with simple stereo speaker boxes, but just as equally with up to twelve speaker boxes and an additional car subwoofer. This will leave you virtually surrounded by perfect sound and only needing to connect the music you want. You'll be able to enjoy the sound experience to its fullest and the built-in loudspeakers will provide you with optimal entertainment, even on long journeys. And since the sound will be much richer and you'll be able to hear every nuance of songs or speech better, you won't even have to turn the volume up to its fullest, meaning that you'll still be able to hear the traffic.

Buy car speakers and enjoy perfect sound on every journey

You deserve the best sound in your car and that's exactly what auna stands for. With the speakers and subwoofers in our store, you can be sure you'll get just that. Our large selection of active subwoofers and speakers also contains some real bargains. As a result, you'll always have the best sound when you're on the road.

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