Stereo bluetooth headphones from Auna - excellent quality due to their noise-canceling and wireless headphone properties

Bluetooth headphones are popular at the moment - and for a good reason. After all, the headphones are wireless and therefore don't get in the way with any annoying cables. The headphones from auna are the perfect playback device in combination with Bluetooth-enabled computers, tablets and smartphones. Even devices without a Bluetooth port can often be used to play music. That means the headphones are universally usable.

Advantage of Stereo Headphone to keep out distracting background noises with our over ear headphones

People talking, the rattling of the train or the honking and droning of traffic all around us. Because of all this background noise, it's often hard to enjoy your favourite song in peace. The high-quality auna headphones will take care of that. As over-ear headphones, they offer one unbeatable advantage: due to the material composition and earphone's insulation, background noises barely have a chance to ruin your listening experience. In this way, the high-performance, over-ear headphones passively ensure background noise is blocked out. In addition to this, wireless headphones also work actively noise-cancelling (ANC). That means that up to 85 per cent of annoying background noise like the droning of trains, buses or aeroplanes will be blocked out. You can switch that on or off with the click of a button. And so that no one in your immediate surroundings gets annoyed by your music, the headphones also ensure that no sound will be able to get out.

Direct control from Headphone for controlling music and calls

If the wireless headphones have connected to your music, they can stream entire libraries or individual songs, but you can easily control what you're listening to using the external multiuse button on the earphone to Pause or Play. You can also switch the Bluetooth functions on or off here, as well as take and end calls. On the left and right there are additional buttons that can be used to change the volume or skip a song. You can choose a song using a quick click. It's even easier to control the volume, using the little dial on the right earphone. Next to that is also a button to activate noise cancelling. Along with that, the AptX support ensures the best quality sound. What makes the headphones really useful in your everyday life is the ability to manage calls (redial, end calls, take calls, etc) and be able to have conversations using the headphones, thanks to the built-in microphone. In addition to that, the headphones boast an additional feature. The auna headphones also offer NFC connectivity and can be easily paired with a device by simply tapping the NFC sensor. Meanwhile, the Elegance Multipairing function makes it possible to connect two devices wirelessly and at the same time. Depending on the model, the range is up to 100 meters. If the headset also has the innovative DER technology, data can be received at up to three times the speed.

Bluetooth headphones that are extremely adaptable and comfortable

Other advantages of over-ear headphones are the excellent, snug fit, and how comfortable they feel on. That's because of the padded, extendable headband and the soft, flexible earphones. A high-performance lithium-ion battery guarantees up to 14 hours of undisturbed listening. When left in standby, the battery can last up to 540 hours. The Bluetooth headphones can be easily recharged via a USB port, for example on a laptop. They can also be used as regular headphones, with the included cable. In that case, the battery won't be used. That does, however, mean that the hands-free system cannot be used. You'll find both ports on the left earphone. The auna headphones are relatively inexpensive to buy.

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