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An intense enjoyment of music is possible not only in your own home, but also in the car. auna offers car radios, speakers, amplifiers and car sound systems that can be individually assembled. An appealing design and diverse features distinguish the car radios of auna. There are car radios in retro design, in classic design and car radios, which stand out in particular by their simple, functional and technocratic appearance. So you can find the right one for every taste.

Music becomes an experience

Many car radios have a Bluetooth interface. This enables wireless operation. The signals can be transmitted by radio. There are suitable access points for your smartphone, tablet and laptop There is also a microphone integrated in the auna car radio. It has a hands-free system and gives you the ability to manage calls individually. With a USB stick or SD slot, you can access MP3 content, video and music libraries, manage your favorite tracks, access them anytime and play them. A DVD or CD player can be integrated into the radio. Some models have been deliberately had these functions left out. But you have the option to connect these devices. In addition, you get access to MPEG-4 videos, MP3 tracks, JPEG pictures or iPods with many car radios. Through a display a perfect transfer to the backseat is possible. Thus unlimited music enjoyment is guaranteed.

Speaker for the car - car box

Car speakers and car boxes are important accessories that provide a matching and intense sound of the car radio. At auna, you can choose between different models that are optimally matched to your car radio, both in terms of their design and their features. This applies regardless of whether your special emphasis is on intense bass or on a balanced sound experience. Car speakers may have a simple, a classic or an extravagant design. There's something for everyone. In addition, many speakers in the car provide not only for an intense sound, but also for good lighting effects through the integrated LED blue light.

In-Car Entertainment - Sets

The car hifi sets by auna consist of speakers, tweeters and other accessories. They are coordinated and allow an intense and differentiated sound experience. They can be used very flexibly and can be operated either with or without cable. The power is variable. In some models, and with the right combination of components, ideally up to 10000 watts can be achieved, even if this is not always possible, but only for a short period of time.

Buying In-Car Entertainment

With the large selection of car radios and accessories, it is often not easy to find the right model. It is advisable to take into account not only external features but also the individual performance characteristics that may differ for each car radio, loudspeaker or car box. The latest technological developments are everywhere, but there are minor or major differences in features, accessories or sound experience. You have the option to choose a set of different components, but you can also purchase all parts individually from auna.

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