auna car sound systems: power and clarity for your music on the move

If you're planning a car speaker upgrade, it's because you know that a quality car hi-fi system for listening to your favourite music while driving can make all the difference. Listening to music in the car allows you to avoid boredom and enjoy pleasant company on your journeys, regardless of whether you prefer to tune in to your favourite radio station to listen to news and traffic reports, or play your CDs and mp3 files, perhaps using a specific playback device.

Generally, car manufacturers install car audio systems that are not so powerful and quite unlikely to meet the most demanding listeners’ needs, especially when it comes to reproducing lower frequencies. Quite often, therefore, one of the first investments for many drivers is a new, more performing car sound system The solutions are many, and usually include a more advanced car stereo, a dedicated car subwoofer and speakers of different sizes and power to be distributed in the cabin, to obtain a better sound coverage, compared to the typical configuration based on two speakers positioned in the front.

In auna product gallery, you can find different options to set up a customised car sound system. You can choose from individual components or our two-, four- and six-channel speaker and amplifier sets to drive your tweeters, midrange and subwoofer and obtain crystal-clear sound quality. Check the technical specifications of our car speaker systems carefully, get inspired and find the one that will deliver you exactly the sound you're looking for.

Which car sound system to choose?

Buying your high-quality car sound system for a reasonable price is very easy, especially if you take a look at our offers. Choosing the optimal system is less so, as this requires a little technical knowledge. There is no direct relationship between sound quality and speaker size. Besides this, you should also remember that choosing an amplifier with excessive wattage can even be counterproductive, as it can spoil certain frequencies, typically the lower ones, resulting in a loss of quality.

A good criterion for choosing the best sound system for your car, in addition to the type of car you own, is the space available and a clear idea of what you don't like about the speakers that are already installed, not forgetting to keep in mind your musical tastes: depending on the sound, some types of speakers respond better than others, and if for example, you love genres such as techno, dance and heavy metal music, the best configuration will be a car sound system offering a balanced mix and medium to high output. In this case, a 3-way speaker system with good definition in the high frequencies and bass reinforcement from a subwoofer may be the right choice. Our 3-way car sound systems also include passive crossovers to ensure optimal frequency division between the different speakers.

On the other hand, if you prefer listening to 'quieter' genres, such as pop music or classical music, you could opt for a more straightforward set-up capable of reproducing a clean sound without excessive distortion at a lower wattage. At auna, you'll find some of the best 2-way car kits on the market, with excellent value for you money and already equipped with a four-channel amplifier, so you won't have to deal with complicated technical manuals to decide how to amplify the speakers you're installing. If you've noticed that your car's speakers are struggling or have obvious playback limitations, you could also go for a two-speaker kit to get better sound when listening to the radio while driving, aiming for a standard product that doesn't focus on punch in the low frequencies.

Does your car sound system fit your vehicle?

Audio speakers’ compatibility is fundamental and is one of the decisive factors that should guide your choice. First, you need to check whether the new speakers’ dimensions tch those of the standard system you are replacing; you might realise too late that the components are too big or too small, and require substantial modifications in the door compartments. This work can be costly, as it has to be carried out by experienced technicians and can considerably complicate the installation of your car sound system.

Installing your car audio system

Depending on the models and types of speakers that make up your car sound system, the installation can go from straightforward to difficult. Some car sound systems are relatively easy to assemble, and we recommend that you opt for these if you're on a tight budget and want to save on installation costs. Normally, you'll need just common tools, including screwdrivers and Allen keys, to mount the simplest speakers. The first thing you need to do is remove the grilles covering your stock system, and once you've removed the old speakers, you'll need to connect the new ones to the cable harness. At this stage, don’t forget to make sure that the car’s polarities and the cables match so that everything can work properly.

To install systems with more complex wiring, for example with a reversed polarity between vehicle and speakers, you may need a soldering iron. In this case, to avoid damaging your equipment, it is advisable to contact a specialised technician. Before making your purchase, in any case, we suggest you talk to your car electrician, showing your current setup and the new car sound system you are considering to buy, getting a realistic estimate of how much you will spend and avoid any unpleasant surprises after your purchase

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