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auna radios: a perfect mix of tradition and innovation

Kitchen, living room, bedroom, even bathroom: a radio can keep you company everywhere, while you are doing chores, preparing food or simply relaxing on the sofa after a long day of work. For many, a portable pocket radio is an old-fashioned object that evokes a nostalgic past when televisions and computers still did not exist in our homes. Still, with the advent of the internet and the digitalization of transmissions we are witnessing a return to the limelight of portable radios, loved and widely used by our grandparents and parents. Times have changed, no doubt, and all state-of-the-art digital radios necessarily offer new features, from digital tuning to Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity, so that they can be used as simple speakers to stream music from our smartphones or PCs.

Thanks to the new possibilities opened by the digitalization of the terrestrial signal, when listening to the radio we can now enjoy a crystal-clear sound quality comparable to a CD, and easily tune tour radio in a few seconds on many stations. Not to mention the radio devices equipped with a direct internet connection, bringing the radio signal broadcasted through the web from the four corners of the globe straight into our rooms.

On auna you can find a wide range of radios designed to fully satisfy the needs of the modern radio listener. From our under-cabinet radios specially designed to make intelligent use of the space under your kitchen furniture to our DAB, DAB+ and internet radios, CD players, tape recorders and vintage radios suitable for the most nostalgic user, our products combine absolute perfection in the reception of different types of signals with a stylish and attractive design.

Portable radio: a small concentration of technology

A digital portable radio is the evolution of traditional analogue portable radios and generally includes new features, such as digital tuning and the possibility to preset your favourite stations. This way, you’ll no longer have to waste time finding your favourite station, and even the reception of the channel will be much more precise.

A modern portable radio often also integrates clock radio functions, in some cases, it acts as a weather station and can also be used as a simple speaker, thanks to various digital ports, such as USB, SD card reader or Bluetooth wireless technology, just to name a few: in this way, with a modern small radio you can stream your favourite music content, or play your MP3s with extreme ease.

Other important advantages of a next-generation portable radio, compared to traditional analogue models, are enhanced sound quality and reduced weight and consumption, thanks to the use of integrated circuits. Digital electronics are extremely versatile and make it possible to manage systems with a high capacity of reception stations and a wide range of functions.

The design of digital portable radios includes a wide variety of models, which in some cases wink at the past, inspired by the radios our grandparents used. Of course, there are also models with a more modern, futuristic designs, such as cubes for example.

Other portable dab radios offer a wide range of games for the younger generation and include powerful subwoofer-style speakers designed to take music anywhere with the ability to connect to other devices such as microphones, music storage devices or smartphones.

Radio DAB+: what is it?

The greatest revolution in the world of radio in recent years coincides with the transition to digital encoding of radio signals. The DAB+ system (an acronym for Digital Audio Broadcasting) has revolutionized the panorama of radio broadcasting throughout Europe, making it possible to solve the classic problem of overlapping frequencies and to achieve unprecedented, clean and crystal clear sound quality, comparable to that of a CD.

Not only did new digital transmission protocols make it possible to eliminate the annoying rustling caused by analogue radio interference: with the adoption of new protocols for data transfer, a DAB digital radio becomes a multimedia device capable of receiving audio but also accessory contents, such as the name of the station you are listening to, the title of the track and the music genre, and even short news.

Among the auna DAB radios you will find models with a modern and attractive design, but also radios with a vintage touch for the retro style fans: each DAB radio you can find in our shop features analogue tuning in traditional FM mode, and is equipped with Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity, to ensure maximum flexibility of use by relying on the home internet network or by receiving and sending the signal to other devices.

Tune in to the world with our web radios

Unlike older generation radios, which worked by picking up radio waves, modern internet radios (or web radios) use the home network, through a LAN cable or wi-fi connection. Once switched on and connected to the home router, therefore, they allow access to a practically endless list of radio stations from all over the world, with a reproduction quality that is always high, depending on the compression protocol adopted by the radio station.

Thanks to their information-rich and easily navigable display, the web radio auna allow you to access your favourite station in no time without being bound by geographical location. There are no limits to your imagination, and with thousands of stations broadcasting all over the world, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Vintage radio and cassette recorders, for a plunge into the past

If you are looking for an original look and retro flavour, the auna online shop is the right place for you. In our vintage radio, section you'll find several models with an unmistakable look that will add a touch of originality to your home, without compromising on performance. From our exuberant 1950s style Graceland series Bluetooth jukeboxes, compatible with a variety of media formats, including vinyl, CDs and SD cards, to more minimalist table models such as Columbia, Belle Epoque and Akkord, your vintage auna radio will be a pleasure for your eyes as well as for your ears. Before the purchase carefully check the features of the product to make sure it has the features you need, especially about the availability of DAB signal reception, not present on all models.

If you want to take a ride back the past, with one of our cassette recorders you can listen to the tapes that marked your teenage years; our tape players are available in various colours, they are all equipped with FM tuner and are characterized by their low price, despite the absolute level of performance.

Under-cabinet radios: the perfect device for your kitchen

To listen to the radio in your kitchen you need an appliance which is easy to use and protected from cooking steam and splashes. It often happens that the classic portable stereo placed on the kitchen workbench where you prepare your dishes is more of a hindrance than anything else; for this reason we have developed a line of radio appliances designed specifically for the kitchen, combining top technical features, such as the possibility of Bluetooth wi-fi connection and DAB and FM reception, and an innovative installation mode.

Easily placed under one of the wall units in your kitchen or on a shelf protected from the ingredients you cook with, our kitchen radios also feature timer and stopwatch functions, and some models are equipped with a stand to hook your tablet to the bottom of the unit. With easy to read display and simple, intuitive controls, these little gems can also be used in desktop mode, for listening to the radio or streaming audio from other devices.

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