Manage mounting easily — wall mounts and TV stands by auna

Whether the new flat screen for perfect film and series enjoyment at home or the new monitor for the perfect gaming or work experience at your desk - with a TV mount or a monitor mount from auna you can put your image in the right light. We will reveal to you in this overview why this accessoir is definitely worthwhile and how you will find the perfect TV wall mount for you in our store.

Buying a TV or monitor mount — what you need to know

Modern flatscreens, whether TV or monitor, impress not only with their razor sharp image, but also with their compact form factor. And exactly because the screens are so flat and light, you do not have to set them up on a stand, but you can quite easily hang your TV. To get your new TV mount, you don't even need to spend a long time checking different standards. Because all you need to know to buy the right monitor mount is the size of your screen. The classic TV mount offers you even more ease, because the mounts themselves are attached to the back of your TV/monitor. The distance of the screws is standardized, then you position the screen on the wall bracket itself - and you can tighten the screws casually without supporting any weight. For a TV stand for table, sideboard or floor it is, of course, even easier. The advantage of a TV stand is its easy transportability, so you can freely move lighter flat screens around at home.

Your content in the best perspective

If you decide to buy a TV mount, you will have extra flexibility if you choose an extendable or swivel mount. If your TV wall mount swivels, then you can swing the viewing angle between the sofa and armchair and enjoy the best possible picture in every position. How far you can swing your TV on it depends also on the size — larger screens have less tilt angle, since the corners of the screen block movement above a certain size. If your TV wall mount is extendable, you can also vary between the swivel radius and flat against the wall. So stay flexible, no matter how and where you want to watch movies and TV shows. A monitor mount by auna even allows you to work freely and ergonomically at your desk. An elevated and freely swiveling monitor allows you to take a look at the display without having to crane your neck. This is just as appealing for gamers with multi-screen setups as it is for long work in the office or anyone who works professionally with videos, photos or audio recordings. A display bracket for the desk is the perfect, flexible choice for relaxed desk sessions. With mounts from auna, this also works for tablet or notebook and allows you a relaxed look at mobile tech, too . No matter how you work, play or watch TV — with brackets by auna you experience all your content from a completely new perspective.

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