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Auna Boxing Day Sales 2021

In England, Wales and Canada, Australia and Commonwealth countries with a predominantly Catholic population, December 26th - or officially the first day after Christmas other than Saturday or Sunday - is traditionally a bank holiday and is called Boxing Day. Why? The reason has nothing to do with fighting sports, as the word 'boxing', in this case, refers to the famous Christmas box; a custom that began in churches with a special box containing spontaneous contributions, that were customarily opened on the first day after Christmas. The tradition of asking for a bonus at Christmas came later and spread quickly among people who provided public services, such as postmen, garbage collectors.

In recent years Boxing Day, as well as being synonymous with relaxation, conviviality and visiting relatives and friends, has become an essential fixture in the calendar for shopping lovers and deal hunters. In most Commonwealth countries, lots of shops and department stores use to offer incredible discounts on many products, especially for consumer electronics, and Boxing Day deals officially marks the start of the winter sales season.

At auna, we are also fully embracing the spirit of Boxing Day Sales, and we are glad to offer you many discounted items for some of our most popular products, so you can continue to celebrate the end-of-year spirit together with your family and friends. Just snag your deal, and be amazed by the crystal-clear sound of our devices.

Facts about Boxing Day

  • Considering the meaning of Boxing Day, before the name Boxing Day began to be used, December 26 was known as St. Stephen's Day
  • Many historians confirm that this name comes from the church's practice of opening donation boxes the day after Christmas
  • In the course of history, British entrepreneurs followed the church tradition by giving gifts and presents to workers and servants on 26 December.
  • Christmas presents are said to be delivered the next day (Boxing Day) because on the 24th and 25th the servants were working at their lords' big dinners.
  • In Ireland, on the other hand, this day is known as Wren Day, and here the tradition consists of "hunting" a fake wren and putting it on top of a decorated pole.
  • In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Boxing Day has nothing to do with activities involving fighting. In other countries, however, such as the former British colonies in Africa or the Caribbean, prize-winning tournaments of various wrestling disciplines are organised on Boxing Day.
  • Like most western festivals, Boxing Day has become a commercial holiday, to the point that it is said to be the British response to Black Friday.

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auna Boxing Day Sales Deals: a world of ideas to start the new year with the right vibe

Have you thought about giving a gift to someone who loves music but you haven't decided what? Do you lack the original and winning idea to make a good impression and give something useful or funny?
Music today makes up a large part of people's day and some original ideas that can be valid alternatives to the usual things. Have a look at our product gallery, and don't miss the opportunity to indulge in a few treats, for your home or as a gift: our best Boxing Day sales are the right occasion to find the perfect deal and start the new year with the crystal-clear sound that auna devices are ready to bring for your music listening, whether indoors or outdoors.

Wireless headphones

Do you love listening to music when you're out and about, or late into the night, without disturbing anyone? Don't know how to stream your favourite team's match even when you're not at home? Every opportunity is good to enjoy the amazing sound of our wireless headphones, combining their elegant design with superb sound quality and absolute comfort for your ears. Simply pair our Bluetooth headset with your smartphone and just let the crisp sound of auna's portable headphones follow you on every occasion.

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Record players

Vinyl never died and today it is becoming increasingly trendy. The good news is that you no longer have to invest a fortune to get a turntable and dust off your old records. With auna record players, you can take easily rediscover the fascination of your favourite tunes: their stylish design and latest generation features make them perfect as standalone devices, thanks to their built-in speakers. Digitise your favourite tracks using their practical USB output, so you can take them with you at all times.

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To move your first steps into the fascinating world of audio recording, you need the right gear. In addition to their pleasing design and wide frequency response to capture a warm full sound, auna condenser microphones feature USB connectivity, making them a practical plug & play device to make a quantum leap in all music productions. Are you rather a stage animal? Treat yourself with one of our wireless microphones, to enjoy freedom and comfort on stage in any situation where cables are intruding.

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Internet Radio

Which songs are currently trending in South Africa right now? What's the talk of the day in Hawaii? There is just way to find out: tune into local radio stations! Our internet radios offer you unprecedented listening possibilities, with an attractive design and an intuitive user interface: connect them to your WiFi network, create your own station lists in no time and get ready for a listening experience with no boundaries, with crystal-clear sound, todive deep into the vibes flowing from the four corners of the world!

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Karaoke Machines

Passionate about music? Do you have fun singing with friends? Karaoke machines are the perfect Boxing Day treat for singing fans who need something easy to transport and have fun with, without investing a lot of money. Forget complex and delicate equipment: an auna karaoke machine is a sturdy all-in-one device, easy to use and assemble, and it concentrates in a small space all the essential features to perform in your private music show. Just plug it in, switch it on and sing along!

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Enjoy your favourite movies or series with one of our amazing soundbars! With a modern, elegant design, easy to connect and use as a home loudspeaker, auna soundbars turn into the beating heart of your home sound system, enriching the sound output of your TV. No more need to go to the cinema to enjoy a pleasant evening and the magic of surround audio with your friends or relatives in front of a good movie: these versatile devices deliver strong audible emotions to everyone, young and old alike.

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Portable speakers are very trendy among young people. It is not only a useful and enjoyable gift, it is also original. With a touch of retro design for vintage equipment lovers, or available in modern-looking versions capturing the true spirit of the 90s style ghetto blasters, auna boomboxes are an undisputed symbol of street sound. Take your favourite music with you at all times, and enjoy the warm sound of our boomboxes - all equipped with comfortable shoulder straps or useful carry handles, to ensure maximum portability.

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