This is what Valentine’s Day 2020 sounds like

Sounds for falling in love

It’s that time again: On 14th February we will be celebrating the day of love, preferably with the help of the nicest love songs and some classic, romantic films. But it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some surprises, would it? We can use small gestures to create shared moments that are just magical. This is why we are letting you in on our best ideas for what to do, our favourite love songs to create the right mood and we will even take a quick look at the history of Valentine’s Day. Because whether a special lady has captured your heart or you’re looking for the man of your dreams: Let‘s show some love!

Surprise, surprise: the nicest ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cooking together makes things crackle

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, isn’t it? Sharing a cooking session does not only create a mutual sense of achievement, it also provides intimate moments as you nibble your food. This is a particularly good idea for a date, because He and She can find out a few things about their (potential) sweetheart as they prepare some tasty treats. Stimulating background sound is provided by our auna Connect Soundchef kitchen under-cabinet radio that blends seamlessly into your culinary domain.

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Over the moon: exciting outings for two

Going to the park where you first met; going for a walk by the lake where you had your first kiss... The day of love is a great day for you to be reminded of these experiences. Perhaps you now have one particular song that means a lot to you both? Then just take it with you and relive your favourite moments with auna’s mobile Dr. Beat 2.1 Bluetooth speaker one more time!

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Romance on four wheels: a drive-in cinema for couples who are in love

Do you feel like going for a spin to see something special? A drive-in cinema is perfect for this – it’s unusual but it’s a classic: Enjoying your favourite film together with lots of other people, whilst still making the most of having a little retreat in your own car – it’s something special! Things get particularly atmospheric with our illuminated Md-160-BT car radio with a USB port and Bluetooth functionality. It’s easy to operate, it will give you great sound for any film and it will make your journey there and back even sweeter.

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Couple’s cinema for your own home

Staying at home, settling down together on the sofa, opening your favourite wine and immersing yourself in the world of home cinema: For all film fans, couch potatoes and anyone who likes a cuddle, a film night does not just create a moment to wind down after a stressful day, it also allows you to spend some quality time alone together. Our auna Areal Bluetooth sound bar provides particularly effective acoustics for this and so makes every love story many times more romantic.

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Say it with music

Do you like singing yourselves? Do you want to knock the socks off your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? That will definitely work if you surprise them with a small, private concert, a bottle of fizz and some balloons on an outing to the country. With our auna Streetstar Retro 30 PA system, you will have the sound support you need maybe even to pop the question later!

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For very special messages

What have you always wanted to say to your better half? A cassette you’ve recorded yourself, on which you tell your loved one how you feel, reflects your personality completely and makes for a particularly unusual and romantic present. It can be listened to again and again, it just couldn’t be any more personal. Thanks to our portable auna RQ-132USB cassette recorder with an integrated dictation machine, you can just give them this message in the right format, so that they can keep on getting goose bumps at the push of a button.

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The playlist for falling in love – Discover auna’s love songs on Spotify

We love love songs. Whether it’s in the background of a candlelit dinner, while you’re cooking together or turned up loud as you hold each other closely in an intimate dance – some songs are just totally romantic evergreens and conjure up goose bumps over and over again.

From melodic rock songs and gentle pop ballads, right through to classic R'n'B rhythmic tunes: auna’s Spotify hit list is nearly as varied as love itself.

From the history to the meaning: Lovely facts about Valentine’s Day

Did you know that…

  • the day goes back to Bishop Valentine von Terni, who was beheaded on 14th February 269 as a martyr on the orders of the Emperor Claudius II, because he conducted weddings for couples who were supposed to remain unmarried, which even included soldiers, and then gave them flowers? Since then he has been regarded as the patron saint of lovers.
  • since then giving your partner flowers has become a tradition? Nowadays, 110 million roses are sold around the world every year on the day that is celebrated by lovers.
  • on Valentine’s Day 220,000 proposals of marriage on average will be made around the world?

With this in mind: The whole auna team wishes you lots of love

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