Ghettoblaster - brilliant sound for when you're on the go

A ghettoblaster is the perfect solution for enjoying your music when you're out. The various devices we have on offer are based on modern technology and will win you over with high quality sound. A sensible alternative to a conventional system, the ghettoblasters are versatile and easy to transport. In order to be able to offer you the model that best suits your needs, we have a large selection of different devices. From a ghettoblaster for kids to an 80s style ghettoblaster, there is a wide variety available. Discover our extensive range and order the model you want conveniently online at a discounted price.

Buying a ghettoblaster: practical and state-of-the-art technology

If you want to buy a flexible, useful ghettoblaster, then our online shop is the right place to do so. The devices we have on offer are equipped with numerous interfaces and can be connected to a wide variety of devices. That includes, among others features, a USB port and a Bluetooth interface for cable-free connections. Additional audio devices can be connected via the classic AUX inputs, which underscores its comprehensive features. In addition to playing your favorite songs, you can also use the ghettoblaster to connect to the radio. The device has a built-in radio that's easy to use to search for stations. The basic functions include, of course, the ability to play CDs as well as sound customization.

Boombox: a high level of comfort and an attractive design

One of the main features of the ghettoblasters is that they're easy to take with you. To this end, the devices have a padded shoulder strap or a useful carry handle. That means it's comfortable and quick to take with you. Additional features such as a a rubberized case and a protective aluminum structure add to the device's robustness. The corresponding models are not affected by external factors, which is vital when it comes to transportation. In addition to the functional aspects, devices like a boombox or a 90s style ghettoblaster are visually appealing. Details like LED light effects turn these portable systems into stylish objects that catch the eye. Do you like the styles of the past? Then a retro style ghettoblaster is the right choice for you. Regardless of how it looks, differing performance features can come in handy when it comes to deciding on which to get. That includes, for example, wattage as well as the battery life. Additional highlights, like ports for connecting your guitar or microphone are the perfect complement to the many comprehensive features.

So choose your compact, portable music system today

With the ability to play both CDs and connect to Bluetooth, ghettoblasters are characterized by a virtually unlimited range of applications. From parties in your garden to musical performances on the street, there are many different ways to use these devices. Do you have questions about a ghettoblaster DAB+, a ghettoblaster with Bluetooth or another model in our online shop? We're happy to help you out, and can offer you expert, professional advice. Our friendly service staff can be reached either on the phone or via email on our website. If you've found the device you need, you can order it quickly and easily now.

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