Vinyl Love Old love never fades

Welcome to the wonderful world of vinyl! For all lovers of the black disc, we present the great variety of auna turntables. Whether in a retro or a suitcase look, here vinyl fans can find everything to make their hearts beat faster.

Verticalo S Retro-Plattenspieler

Retro never gets old! With the Verticalo turntable, the charming crackle of times long forgotten returns to your home, wiping away the dust from your vinyl treasures and entrusting the sound to a built-in stereo speaker. In addition, the unusual vertical construction makes the retro device a true eye-catcher.

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Immortalise your favourite records

TT-30 BT Plattenspieler

Bring new life to old records! Thanks to the integrated encoding function and USB port, the TT-30 turntable from auna easily digitises and stores songs, so that almost forgotten favourite songs can be transformed into a portable format and played on the go. Bring on the digital age!

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Belle Epoque 1907 RD Retro-Plattenspieler

For music fans who don’t want to miss out on anything! Whether for cassette players, CD players, radios or turntables - the Epoque 1907 stereo system from auna has everything your heart desires. This compact device convinces with its vintage look, while also effortlessly combining analogue and modern technology. There is even a Bluetooth interface!

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That little something extra

TTS6 Nostalgie Plattenkoffer

Vinyl is not just a passion, it's a lifestyle. Part of that is, of course, the proper storage of your beloved records - the TTS6 record case by auna is perfect for protecting the records against dust and moisture in its velvet-red interior, while also storing them vertically, which prevents the records from bending over time.

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