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The Worldwide Internet Radios

auna's impressive Worldwide internet radio expands its network! The original internet radio will be joined by two new gems: the Worldwide Mini and the Worldwide Stereo. Together, these three wonders of the world offer the listener the musical diversity of the entire world. Thanks to the Wifi connection, the Worldwide internet radio series transports you across the globe. Whether it's jazz from France, techno from Berlin or K-pop from South Korea, music fans are just one click away from the infinite range of the top international radio stations. In addition, each of the three globetrotters comes with a range of top features and thus fulfills every music lover's wish.

The Worldwide Stereo internet radio: an overview

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Around the world

Its name says it all! With these Worldwide internet radios, there begins a musical journey around the world without ever having to leave the apartment.

The Worldwide Mini: musical motivation for the early risers

Top features:

  • Alarm clock and sleep timer, making the Worldwide Mini an ideal clock radio
  • Minimal design with compact dimensions for easy placement, even on shelves and bedside tables
  • 2 watt monaural speaker for sound that will wake you up
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Worldwide internet radio: the all-rounder

Top features:

  • Internet radio network player with a 6.5cm (2.5") LCD screen and full-range speakers
  • DAB/DAB+ tuner and a FM/AM receiver
  • MP3-compatible USB port for music playback from data carriers such as USB sticks and MP3 players
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