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A good day to you who reads this review;

Before buying this Internet Radio which has many other mode’s and a remote control; I did the usual searches, I looked for an Internet Radio that included my requirements’ in order of importance, a remote control, good sound from the speakers size and the number of speakers came into the reckoning, FM radio if the internet was down, plug in an external device to play my personal music.

This Internet Radio replaces an old Philips radio in my Joiners Workshop. The internet come into the workshop by using one of TP-Links powerline adaptors which is approximately 100 meters from the router and adaptor and is on the same supply not the same fused circuit.

Upon unpacking the radio you could see and feel that this radio is of quality built; reading and following the instructions is important, I had read them before placing the order so it was easier to follow them when setting up.

As advised using a web browser register on the wifiradio-frontier.com to find further station and add them to your Internet Radio an additional list besides the Favourites list.

My wife made a dust cover to stop dust entering/settling on the speakers as it is in a Joiners Workshop. Have been enjoying this Internet Radio for about two months now; I like to listen to BBC Radio 3 in the morning and a Jazz station in the afternoon; it gives out a very nice sound, I was asked by a visitor, what make is this radio, I just showed him the user manual, giving him all the details.

I did contact support; how to save a number 10 to a Favourites, I soon received a reply saying only press the number 0.

I can say I made a smart choice buying this model.