Speaker stands by auna - uplifting good sound

With a speaker stand by auna, you not only put your sound perfectly in the spotlight, but also create a better sound experience and a difference that you can see and hear. How you can bring more harmony to the sound and make every note melodious, we reveal to you here.

With speaker stands, elevate the bass too

Speakers need space to fully unfold their sound. If the sound waves can really propagate in space and aren't swallowed by the floor or a deep shelf, the sound benefits from this basic physical principle. But what does that mean for you? Basically, you can move your speaker to the front shelf edge, but ideally it needs the height where you hear music. This is already problematic with a connected system, but with the combination of speakers and screen it's just really chaotic. A speaker stand that is height adjustable offers you the most flexibility here. Build your stereo panorama and adapt the speakers to your living room - not the other way around. Height-adjustable speaker stands are also ideal for events where you have to adjust the speakers to the location. And because auna speaker stands are both sturdy and portable, you can easily customize the location of your speakers at any time. But of course the design of the speaker stands should not be neglected. Whether you are looking for a speaker stand in white or black or you opt for an elegantly modern design of glass and aluminum, in our selection you will always find the perfect setup for your interior design.

Security and sound - stable sound in every situation

With such elevated sound you can be sure that games, movies, TV shows, music and podcasts sound as powerful as your speakers allow. But of course you can demand more from our speaker stands and that's what the models in our store want to offer you too. Perhaps the most important aspect is the stability - with speaker stands from auna, we offer you a design that is as appealing as it is robust. With large footprints we also offer you space for larger speakers, mounting is very easy and the material is break-proof if something happens. With different versions of the feet, each design is perfectly suited to your floor and is as good on sensitive wood floors as it is on a deep carpet.

Buy speaker stands at the best price

Speaker stands by auna offer you a secure stand for your speakers in the living room, bedroom, home theater or for the smaller event stage. In our online store you can easily and simply buy the speaker stands you want and immediately enjoy the design of your choice. So your favorite track will be an absolute sound experience at home and you make sure that the sound of your new speakers doesn't sink into the floor, but really reaches you.

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