auna floor standing speaker

The auna floor standing speakers impress with their simple and functional design, require only little space and fit harmoniously into the home furnishings. They are compatible with auna radios and ensure an intense, balanced sound experience. Setup and control are very straightforward and requires only a few steps. Active floor standing loudspeakers, HiFi floor standing loudspeakers, floor standing loudspeakers as pair as well as 3 way floor standing loudspeakers in different shapes, sizes and designs are available for selection.

Active tower speaker from the line 4707

A stylish look and a balanced sound characterizes the loudspeakers of the line 4707. They have a low-vibration base housing and can be very quickly and easily connected by means of speaker cables to the associated devices. The maximum music power is 960 watts in 4 way HiFi sound. The front cover can be removed and reinstalled as desired. So you can either create a technocratic or a classic look.

Floor standing speaker of the line 501

The representatives of the line 501 are characterized by their slim shape and their functional design. They require little space and can easily be integrated into small rooms. Together with DAB radios or other devices, they can give a create a harmonious wholeness, as they are available in different color variants. The performance of these speakers is very high. They feature a side 20 cm woofer, a 10 cm midrange and a 2.5 cm tweeter and are ideal for HiFi or home cinema use. Precision and professional quality are characteristic of the devices from the line 501.

3-way floor standing speaker

These devices - for example, from the line 100, impress with their powerful bass reflex design and their perfectly matched audio components. They create a multi-faceted sound and are equipped with a 3-way system with a lateral one-side subwoofer. This one-side subwoofer provides full bass and room-filling sound. The maximum power of these speakers is 2 x 80 watt There is a UKE radio tuner, an SD slot and a USB port available. The USB port allows you to play MP3 wirelessly and via Bluetooth. The speaker can be connected not only to a radio, but also to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. A stereo radio input is located on the speaker as well as an LED display with smooth push buttons.

HiFi tower speaker

HiFi tower speakers use powerful 3-way technology. Characteristic is their powerful dual bass reflex construction. All components are perfectly matched. The slim design language of these speakers and their powerful and dynamic sound speak for themselves. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the sound does not tip even at high to very high power levels.

Buy tower speakers - tower speakers as a pair

The selection of floor standing speakers is very large. They are very powerful, offer an intense music experience and can be connected to various devices such as radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets or MP3 players. They require little space, are practical and easy to handle and impress with their simple and simple design. If you want to buy tower speakers, pay attention to the details, because they often make the difference.

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