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Powerful home audio in a large selection

Nowadays, the idea of having a home audio system with separate speakers could be considered strange and unusual, not to say useless. With the advent of music streaming, a good Bluetooth speaker connection should be enough, but those willing to listen to music in a proper way know that this is not the case: just compare a quality Bluetooth speaker with a stereo system with separate left and right speakers to understand in a few moments the difference.

A good home audio system is really fundamental: not only does it revitalize MP3 compressed music, providing width and depth from the two separate speakers, but it also allows you to enjoy faithful music playback from all different sources. The same thing cannot be said about low-cost wireless speakers. It is a concept well known to those born in the last century, while the younger ones discover it as soon as they can listen to something more serious than their boxed speakers. Not to mention those who already have a good CD music collection and want to make the best out of it.

With a proper home audio system you can play your favourite songs and enjoy the excellent sound. The models available on auna are characterized by ease of use and a high-quality standard. To meet any need, there are several options for you to choose from. We not only carry classic hi fi systems but also special versions like ghetto blaster and karaoke systems.Our solutions have very different costs, but even the cheapest one will give you great hearing satisfaction. Don’t miss our offers, and get ready to enjoy the superb sound quality and great value for the money you spend on auna devices

What does a home audio system consist of?

The main part of a hi-fi system is the core unit that integrates all the electronics necessary for correct operation. Inside it you can find sources, amplifiers, ports and all the connectivity options which, for the most part, are located at the back and are not visible during listening. These are all very important elements for music reproduction, without which the speakers could not reproduce any sound.

In the main body you will often find a CD player for listening to music stored on a physical medium. If you have a few years on your shoulders you will certainly remember stereo systems with cassette recorders, while some models still have support for never forgotten vinyl records. Nothing vintage or old-fashioned, in fact, many audiophiles nowadays prefer to listen to vinyl for its warm and engaging sound qualities, preferring it to music in digital format, considered aseptic, typical of MP3 or CD files.

Sources and connectivity options can go hand in hand. In a hi-fi system you can use a USB stick as a source, to be connected if they are present in the body of the USB ports, or Bluetooth by pairing a smartphone or tablet. In the latter case, everything the mobile device reproduces will in turn be reproduced by the home audio system, with a considerable increase in sound quality compared to the small built-in speakers on smartphones and tablets.

In the central body there is also room for the amplifier, which you can consider as the essential part of your entire hi-fi system. The amplifier offers and manages the electric power to be delivered to the other components of the system, especially the speakers: the more powerful it is, the more it will be able to drive large and difficult to manage speakers. The power of an amplifier is measured in W RMS, although different metrics are often used to measure it. It is difficult, if not completely impossible, to orient oneself solely on the basis of this data. Other values to consider when evaluating the goodness of an amplifier are, for example, total harmonic distortion and SNR, which measure respectively the ability not to colour the sound with elements not existing in the original source and the background noise produced by the electronics and branched out to the speakers.

Micro and stereo systems with full equipment

Deciding which home HIFI system is best for everyone can be difficult. There are basically two categories that a hi-fi mini system can fall into:

  • Home audio systems where speakers are separated from the central unit. The advantage, in case of wear and tear, is that it’s easier to replace individual components. In addition, the speakers can be arranged horizontally or vertically, for better positioning in the room. Normally this type of stereo tends to be more expensive.

  • All in one home audio systems, although less flexible, is certainly easier to use. On average more compact, this type of stereo also has fewer wires and you can simply place it in the house and plug it into the socket.

A microsystem, whether all in one or with separate speakers, stands for the ideal interaction between compact dimensions and appealing sound experience. Our offering includes, for example, versions with Bluetooth interface and remote control. The result is a straightforward operation and easy control. Additional features such as high-quality LED displays and robust feet augment the perfect setup. Additionally, on auna you will find home audio systems with CD players and integrated Internet radio. The different stations can be set via app and offer an enormous variety in music listening. Regardless of the type of playback, our stereo and microsystems impress with appealing sound quality.

Mini hi-fi’s are best suited to those who want powerful sound at an affordable price. They have enough power to fill not only the room, but the whole house with music. They can often be placed in multiple positions - vertical, oblique or horizontal - and can be the right choice if you like to organize parties. The best mini hifi can in fact have built-in microphones or coloured lights to turn into a fantastic karaoke machine and party soul!

They also tend to be more compact and easy to use. The power is adequate for everyday use and such that you can fully appreciate your music library. One feature you will find frequently in our devices of this type is the USB port, allowing you to listen to music from a device while it is charging. If you love radio, many of our home audio devices have DAB+ technology and/or built-in FM radio. Also, if you choose a model with adjustable audio settings, you can decide the depth of bass in your music.

Discover our retro and karaoke systems

You attach great importance to an extraordinary design? Then a retro design is just the right choice: The corresponding models function as eye-catchers in every room and create an individual ambience. Despite the look of times gone by, the retro systems score with modern technology. These include, for example, advanced features such as USB ports, equalizer presets and a convenient start-stop system. Our karaoke systems also meet the highest requirements and are based on high-performance equipment. From birthday and company parties to spontaneous parties with friends, these systems can be used flexibly. Lighting effects, water fountains and extravagant design make every karaoke evening an absolute highlight. In addition, the karaoke systems available from us can easily be connected to televisions and monitors.

Turntables for vinyl lovers and ghetto blasters on the go

Without a doubt, classic turntables have their right to exist even in the digital age. For vinyl fans, these models are absolute must-haves and more than just a player. With turntables ordered from us, you can experience nostalgic moments and very special flair. Compatibility with different record sizes and features such as an automatic start function guarantee first-class music enjoyment.

The exhaustive selection in the category of music systems is rounded out with portable ghetto blasters. These systems are the perfect solution for portable use and available in different sizes. Details such as padded shoulder straps and carrying handles go hand in hand with easy transportation. In addition, we have ghetto blasters in different shades, so that suitable choices are available for every taste.

Conveniently buy your home audio online now

The central feature of our home sound systems is the goal-oriented connection between function and design. If you have any questions on the topic of buying a music system or about individual models such as a karaoke system, we are happy to support you. Simply contact us by email or call us directly. Once you have found the right music system for home, the order can be completed quickly and easily.

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