Soundstorm Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Boombox 1000W Max.

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Soundstorm Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Boombox 1000W Max.

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Product description

A powerful companion for music lovers everywhere: the battery-powered Bluetooth speaker from Auna provides the highest fidelity of sound along with a high degree of mobility. Nothing less than the rebirth of the classic ghetto blaster!

At the heart of the mobile system is a digital amplifier that brings maximum performance to the powerful sound tube. With very good sound characteristics, the Bluetooth speaker reproduces a wide sound spectrum. Whether old-school breaks or modern dubstep and hip-hop beats, powerful bass and clear highs are reproduced reliably, even at high volume levels. A 2-band equaliser allows for individual adjustments of the sound. In addition to the ability to connect Bluetooth devices to the speaker, the device also provides NFC connectivity, a classic 3.5mm AUX input and an FM radio.

But this Auna device is not just for listening to music: musicians benefit from two 6.3mm jack inputs for microphone and guitar. The microphone channel can also be enriched with the built-in echo effect to give a finishing touch to vocal timbres - perfect for karaoke and street music. As an additional special feature, the USB port allows the recording of Bluetooth, AUX and FM radio.

Thanks to the included padded shoulder strap, the mobile unit is easily transported and stays put. To create a party atmosphere at outdoor events and gatherings quickly, the Bluetooth speaker also features LED lights mounted on both speakers. This visual effect illuminates the thumping beats!

The maximum power is the highest output power that an amplifier for a short time. So that your music can be played at highest volume levels with full dynamics, the amplifier and speakers always have a power reserve. This allows you to play short-term stimulus (for example a bass drum in electronic music), without damaging the technical components.

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Top features

  • Battery operation for mobile use up to four hours
  • 1000W max. performance
  • Bluetooth and NFC interface
  • Inputs for guitar, microphone, USB and 3.5mm stereo sources
  • 2-band equaliser and adjustable echo effect
  • Stable rubberised housing
  • Built-in light effect

Properties & dimensions

  • 1000W max. total output, 2 x 20W RMS
  • Bluetooth / NFC interface
  • 3.5mm stereo AUX-input
  • 6.3mm input for microphone
  • 6.3mm input for guitar
  • USB port for playback and recording
  • Built-in battery (max. 4 hrs. runtime)
  • 2-band equaliser
  • LCD Display
  • Volume control for master and microphone
  • Echo effect for mic channel
  • Noise-sensitive LED effects to the speakers
  • LED indicators for Bluetooth and battery status
  • Power supply: built-in battery
  • Included charging cable (24V, 2700mA) included
  • On / off switch on the unit
  • 63 x 26.5 x 26cm
  • Weight: about 8kg

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Soundstorm Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Boombox 1000W Max.

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