Looks good and sounds even better - Soundbars from auna

With a soundbar, you can translate the sharp, captivating images of a modern flat screen into the sound it deserves. Because the soundbars from auna fit seamlessly into the attractive design, and when mounted on the wall, are just as flat as a flat screen or as a screen itself.

Which soundbar do you recommend and how do I find the perfect sound for my living room?

The flatter the TV itself is, the thinner the speakers are. And of course that has a negative impact on the sound - projectors have a similar problem. That's made even worse by the fact that the sound is coming from the wrong direction. You can tackle this problem with noise and energy using a soundbar from auna for your TV or projector. Because while our soundbars may look compact, their sound reveals their true size. Wireless connectivity is also not a problem at all, which means you can easily connect your TV, smartphone or console via wifi or Bluetooth.

Soundbar or 5.1 sound system?

Whether you'd prefer a classic soundbar or the 5.1 Sound is up to you, of course. Both have their pros and cons. The biggest advantage of a soundbar is how easy it is to set up - even in a less image-oriented living room, all you have to do is place the soundbar under your TV, and you'll be able to enjoy amazing sound right away. That sound will be even more powerful with a larger sound base, but that does also take up more space. Deciding on whether you want a bar or a base essentially comes down to the size of your TV, your TV table and how much space you have available. But getting a soundbar from auna doesn't mean saying no thumping bass - the sound bar with subwoofer means you can enjoy full 2.1 speaker sound as well as that powerful bass. With the right TV or projector, it means a real cinema experience right in your living room.

Buying the right soundbar

As always, our store offers you the right combination of performance and price, which auna is known for and stands by. You don't have to empty your wallet to find the right soundbar that will instantly take your living room's sound to the next level. If you want to buy your new soundbar from auna, you'll also be able to install it in a few simple steps. And because the soundbars from auna fit perfectly on your TV table or your wall, and the wider sound bases and subwoofers are always a good look, your new sound system will look just as good in your living room as it sounds. So don't compromise on sound, and enjoy your favorite movies, stream the greatest new shows or play the best games in the world with breathtaking sound. Auna is combining rich sound and appealing design at a low price for you - that way you can find sound bars that look great on your walls, while at the same time spoiling your ears.

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