ET01-C012 Computer Screen Desk TV Mount Monitor Bracket

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ET01-C012 Computer Screen Desk TV Mount Monitor Bracket


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Product description

The Auna ET01-C012 Swivel Arm is a flexible mounting arm for LCD andLED televisions or computer monitors, that connects to table tops or otherplanar surfaces such as window sills.

The bracket is attached by a screw to a table surface with a thicknessof 0.4 to 3.5 inches (1 to 9cm). Rubber supports protect the furniture surfacesfrom possible physical damage during the mounting of the bracket.

The particular strength of the Auna ET01-C012 is its extraordinaryflexibility. Five swivel joints allow the option of 360° turns, and the heightadjustment ability and tilt angle of 30° give the Auna ET01-C012 theflexibility to fit any working situation or lighting conditions. Busy workplacesbenefit especially with the space-saving capabilities of the swivel arm mount.

The Auna ET01-C012 Swivel Arm is compatible with two of the mostcommon VESA hole spacings (75x75, 100x100), so that monitors or televisions canbe purchased without the additional cost of a wall bracket. The maximum weightcapacity is 8 kilograms, which should not cause unnecessary restrictions intoday's world of lighter technology.

The Auna ET01-C012 comes supplied with high-quality mounting hardwareand illustrated installation instructions.

Does the mounting bracket fit my television?

The two most important criteria for selecting a wall bracket are:

a)the hole spacing

b)maximum load capacity

The size of the TV alone does not determine which wall bracket will fit best.As different manufacturers have different specifications in terms of matching certain hole spacing’s to screen sizes, the television’s screen size is actually best used simply as a guide when looking for a wall bracket.

Nonetheless, it is best to measure hole spacing and check the user manual before you buy.

Hole spacings are given by the following standards: horizontal distance x vertical distance – “200x100mm” means that that the holes are spaced 20cm horizontally and 10cm vertically from eachother.

Most televisions will feature the VESA hole spacings. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is a manufacturing organisation that define recommended standards for the market. This applies also to the hole spacing for wall brackets with the following standards adhered to by almost all manufacturers:

VESA 75 x 75mm

VESA 100 x100mm

VESA 200 x 100mm

VESA 200 x 200mm

VESA 400 x 400mm

VESA 600 x 200mm

VESA 600 x 400mm

VESA 800 x 400mm

Whether a hole spacing is called “VESA hole spacing” or simply “hole spacing” is irrelevant. What is important is that the measurements for both TV and mount match.

These hole spacing’s still apply regardless of the device (LCD TV, LED TV, plasma TV and computer monitors) or manufacturer.

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Top features

  • A 5-axis mounting arm that can pivot, tilt and rotate, for computermonitors, LCD and LED televisions
  • Suitable for VESA hole spacing: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
  • Max. capacity: 8kg
  • Height adjustable within a range of 30cm
  • Adapts to width of table: 1 to 9cm
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Ideally suited to screen sizes of 13" to 23" (33 to 58cm)

Properties & dimensions

  • Suitable for VESA hole spacing: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Swivel range: 360°
  • Tilt range: +/- 15°
  • Quick release for swivelling element
  • Rubber pads on top of screw to protect table surface
  • Knob grip for the screw
  • Easy installation
  • Material: Solid steel (cold rolled)
  • Colour: Black/silver
  • ole spacing: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
  • Weight: approx. 8.4 pounds (3.8kg)
ET01-C012 Computer Screen Desk TV Mount Monitor Bracket

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